Your Privacy is Important to You… But It’s Really Important To Us!

BitTitan is pleased to offer European customers EU Model Clauses that provide contractual guarantees around transfers of personal data in Europe.  BitTitan is also the first US data migration company to take this critical step in assuring customer data privacy.

EU Data Privacy Compliance

There are a few ways to comply with EU data privacy laws.  The first is the easiest – the EU-US Safe Harbor.  In contrast, a more rigorous standard is the EU Model Clauses on data transfer.  Last month, BitTitan implemented a company-wide compliance program to meet the more rigorous EU Model Clause standard.  For us, it was an easy decision based on one question: How can we best protect our customers’ privacy?

Why are the Model Clauses Important?

Most US companies use the EU-US Safe Harbor.  However, on October 6, 2015, Europe’s highest court struck down the EU-US Safe Harbor, due to US government snooping. While many companies like Google and Facebook are wondering what to do next, savvy companies like Microsoft and Salesforce are offering EU Model Clauses to comply with the new regime.  BitTitan is proud to join the movement and be the first US data migration company to offer the EU Model Clauses to our European customers.

Ensure your next migration complies with EU Data Privacy laws

To find out more and how to add EU Data Protection Compliance to your next migration, contact sales(at)

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