On-Demand Webinar: Project Sharing and Action Logging in MigrationWiz

Misery – I mean migrations – love company.

That’s why BitTitan recently introduced added two key features to MigrationWiz that help teams collaborate on migration projects.

Project Sharing and Action Logging in MigrationWiz enable a greater level of visibility between multiple project owners by tracking changes to migration projects, number of available licenses, and other important information within the same Workgroup. You can read more about those features here.

In a new video within our on-demand webinar library, BitTitan technical experts dive into detail about these features and how to use them for your next project. View that webinar below or contact us today with questions about an upcoming project!


Watch this webinar now!




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Grady Gausman

Grady Gausman is a product marketing manager for MigrationWiz and a regular contributor to the Bits & Bytes blog.

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