On Video: Seven Successes from Partners Using MigrationWiz

Our partners know how much we love celebrating their wins. But in case you despise listicles and shameless self-promotion, we’ll cut right to the chase.

The reason we’re telling you about these MigrationWiz successes is because we want you to watch our on-demand webinar, 7 New-to-You Features of MigrationWiz. There you have it: the honest truth.

We’re willing to bet you aren’t getting the most out of your favorite migration tool, so we’ll be sharing some of the lesser-known tips and tricks that can help you go above and beyond on your next projects. You’ll walk away knowing how to add extra workloads, shorten migration timelines, and make Office 365 onboarding more profitable.

Using MigrationWiz

Consider these anecdotes as seven more reasons you should check out the webinar. Another truth we won’t bother hiding: we also want more opportunities to showcase the hard work of our video team. With each partner quote you’ll find a link to watch their video. Enjoy!

1. Business Connexion Group migrates a mine. Yes, as in, down a mine shaft.

We were able to do the entire mail migration in the space of about 24 hours. Because all the lines terminate on the back end of our data centers, the time to do the migration was greatly reduced and the customer got the direct benefit of that.
— Charles Lalieu

Check out this incredible story in which Charles and his team overcome some “tricky areas.”

2. Strategic Projects & Services recovers valuable Google Vault data.

We were able to pull Vault data… injected that back in to the recoverable items of their mailbox, so it’s still discoverable today in Office 365. So we came out successful—we moved, and Google is nothing but a memory for them now, and they’re very happy with it.
— Chris Lehr

See more from Chris regarding this massive supermarket migration.

3. ISC moved 12,500 seats across hundreds of offices.

We had a more simplified approach working with BitTitan in terms of the migration process, and we certainly had an excellent outcome with a product that was reliable and dependable.
— Edwin Lott, ISC

Watch to learn more about how ISC ramped up their migrations to moving 650 seats per night.

4. Betach Solutions Inc. moves 1,000 users over a weekend.

[BitTitan] mailbox migration product is such a superior product. You don’t have to install anything, they make it very easy to use, they make it very easy to automate… it just works.
— Matt Ryrie

Check out Matt’s story to hear about the persistent pains he helped solve for his customer.

5, 6, & 7. Blue Chip Consulting Group triple-whammy.

Blue Chip migrated a customer’s active directory, workstations, servers, file systems, email, SharePoint, and OneDrive over a single weekend with MigrationWiz.

Because it’s a cloud-based service, we can leverage it where we either have a shortened timeline, or we don’t have time to spin up a lot of migration software. We need to get in, we need to get the migration done, and we need to move on.
— Ryan Weaver, Solution Architect

BitTitan allowed us to get that done in a timeframe that was unique—a big, big, big client saying, “Wow, it worked.”
— Brian Bradley, Senior VP Channel Sales

The beautiful thing about MigrationWiz is you can load the users that you’re going to move, the shared mailboxes, and you can actually test the migration… The return on investment by automating those processes is astronomical, it really is.
— Thomas Bielinski, Consultant

View the full case study video.

Don’t forget!

Watch the free, on-demand webinar, 7 New-to-You Features of MigrationWiz.

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