Top Office 365 Support Issues to Equip Your Help Desk

Many managed service providers realize the growing need to differentiate with end-user support and are evaluating the “build vs. buy” decision. Can you afford the cost of hiring a 24/7 help desk staff, or should you outsource to another company to provide support on your behalf? Let’s revisit that thought in a minute…

Below, we’ve compiled some of the most commonly requested tasks that our Concierge help desk service receives when supporting Office 365. We’ll organize these issues into three categories:
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“Simple” end user questions

Your more skilled professionals will roll their eyes when encountering many of these types of questions. You’ll probably roll yours, too, thinking about paying your most qualified technical support staff to deal with these scenarios.


  • Setting up mail or apps on mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets.
  • Overview training on Outlook Web App, including different views such unread vs. read email views.
  • Archiving, backing up, or accessing a local file that the end user can’t locate.
  • Syncing and re-downloading an address book for offline access.
  • Locating archived, moved, or accidentally deleted emails.
  • Indexing and searching, where connectivity problems aren’t related to Office 365.



“Button-clicking” administrative tasks

Support for end users is one thing, but supporting IT admins is another. These tasks are often more time-consuming than they are challenging—which makes them easy to outsource if you’re trying to preserve your talented engineers for more strategic projects.


  • Adding new users and provisioning licenses.
  • Installing office applications for Pro plus of E3 plus.
  • Solving installation issues for PC/Mac compatibility.
  • Unlocking accounts and resetting passwords. (Oh boy, is this is a common one!)
  • Adding users to or creating distribution groups.
  • Setting permissions within the structure, such as send on behalf, user mailbox access, public folder configurations, calendar views, and more.



“Tier-3 advanced” technical troubleshooting

These issues require a little more knowledge in the weeds. If you don’t have a specialist on hand that can help handle some of these more advanced (but nonetheless, common) issues, you may need to outsource the support to another cloud expert.


  • Fixing corrupted Outlook profiles.
  • Setting up or changing mail routing.
  • Resolving stopped Dir Sync services or problems syncing with Office 365.
  • Dir sync general errors, including users and items not syncing properly.
  • AD cleanup issues.



Notice what all of these above issues have in common?

Not a single item on the list provides any opportunity to generate additional revenue!, When end-user support is practically table stakes, how can you focus on developing IP, differentiate your business, and avoid investing in just another cost center? One way is to partner with an experienced company who already have experts on these areas on staff and provide a high level of service—like BitTitan.

Concierge is a 24/7/365 US-based help desk service, providing 100% white-labeled IT cloud services support. Our Office 365 certified representatives can also leverage commonly occurring issues to provide you with upsell and cross-sell opportunities. How’s that for an investment in support?

Learn more about Concierge today!

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