Simplify Your Next Lotus Notes Migration

Migrating from Lotus Notes to a new communication system can quickly become a complicated and time consuming process. Many migration services will require a lengthy consultation during which a consultant will lay out a time consuming process for moving your data. You can take the process back into your own hands by using MigrationWiz’s on-demand solution to easily configure, initiate and complete your migration with no prior experience.

To migrate from Lotus Notes to one of our nine supported systems you will need the following:

  • Computer with Windows operating system
  • .net framework installed
  • Latest Lotus Notes client

Using the cloud-based migration tool you can have  your Lotus Notes account migrating after completing three simple steps.

Create the Domino Administrator Account

The first step will be to create an administrator account on your Domino server. With this administrative account you will be able to migrate all of the mailboxes on your Domino server without specifying each user’s password. Here are the steps for creating a Domino administrative account:

  1. Open Domino Administrator
  2. Select the server where the mailboxes are located
  3. In the ‘Files’ table select the folder containing the mailboxes and right click on it.
  4. Go to the menu to manage access control and select the user you would like to perform your migration and grant that use access.

Set up the Lotus Extractor

Lotus Notes is the only messaging system supported by MigrationWiz that requires the installation of local software to perform a migration. The Lotus Extractor is a small console application responsible for extracting data from your Domino server and securely streaming this data to MigrationWiz’s cloud migration platform. These steps will help you download and deploy the software.

  1. Download the Lotus Extractor and deploy the client on each machine that will be running an extraction
  2. Open a Lotus Notes session on each machine with the administrative account you just created
  3. Start the Lotus Extractor on each machine
  4. On startup, you will be asked to enter your MigrationWiz username/password. Then you will need to enter the password of the administrative account

Configure MigrationWiz

The final step in the Lotus Notes migration process is to configure the connector and mailbox settings for your migration. Here is a step-by-step guide to these final steps of your migration:


  1. Sign-in to your MigrationWiz account at
  2. From your dashboard, click on ‘Perform mailbox migration’ then ‘Create Connector’
  3. Input a friendly name for your connector
  4. Select ‘Lotus Notes’ for the field ‘Source Type’
  5. Input the Lotus Extractor Identifier that you would like associated to this Mailbox Connector into the field ‘Server Name’
  6. Input your destination information
  7. Click on ‘Create’


  1. Select all the mailboxes you would like to migrate
  2. Click on ‘Migrate Mailbox (N)’
  3. Select the type of licenses that you would like to use
  4. Start Migrating!

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