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By Scott Bekker, published by June 09, 2014
Redmond Channel Partner

BitTitan was featured on page of two of this article published in the Redmond Channel Partner.

BitTitan Turns to the Desktop
Another company focused on onboarding customers to Office 365 via partners was also founded by a former Microsoft employee. Geeman Yip started Kirkland, Wash.-based BitTitan in 2007 and was migrating customers to the Business Productivity Online Suite (BPOS, the precursor to Office 365) right from the start.

With more than 1.5 million mailboxes migrated, BitTitan’s original product, MigrationWiz​, is an automated, cloud-based solution. Yip says BitTitan’s early days saw a lot of migrations from Windows Small Business Server to BPOS. MigrationWiz evolved to move data between Microsoft Exchange, Office 365, Novell GroupWise, Google Apps/Gmail, VMware Zimbra, IBM Lotus Notes, OneDrive for Business, Google Drive, IMAP or POP systems.

Along with the change in technologies customers want to migrate to and from has come a change in the size of organizations looking to go to the Microsoft SaaS productivity suite. “The sweet spot in 2009 was on average a 10-person company,” Yip says. “The new sweet spot of 2014 is the mid- to upper-hundreds.”

BitTitan continued to evolve, first adding UserActivation​ to its product line. That tool automatically generates Office 365 accounts, creates users, assigns licenses, manages all DNS changes, migrates mailbox data and configures desktop applications to connect to the cloud.

Then, in February, BitTitan added DesktopDeployment, a product to automate the configuration of existing Outlook clients to connect to Office 365 accounts. Because remoting into every desktop is costly, Yip notes, DesktopDeployment allows partners to deploy by sending customized e-mails or through Group Policy to prompt each end user to click on a link and step through the profile-switching process.

Partners can track the progress of all users through the UserActivation portal. BitTitan originally released DesktopDeployment in February as part of UserActivation. A standalone version of DesktopDeployment is currently available as a pilot with general availability planned for July.

Exoprise, Kaseya, SkyKick and BitTitan each have near-term plans for more features and functionality in their Office 365 products and suites over the next few months. The vendors are experiencing the momentum Nadella and Hood referenced in the earnings call and are looking to capitalize on it.

“I think demand is huge,” Yip says of the Office 365 market, and points to his company’s recent progress to support his bullishness. “Today we have 55 employees worldwide in our organization. Last year we had approximately 12 employees. Our growth is not because someone has infused funding into the company. In the last two years, our revenue has grown over 700 percent.”

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