The Real Cost of Free Migration Tools

When all is said and done, are free migration tools really “free”?

Simply put, the short answer is no. When you factor in manual configurations, long project completion times, and restrictive dependencies and requirements, the real cost of free tools isn’t free at all. So what’s the best alternative? 

MigrationWiz automates the data migration process, resulting in a hassle-free experience and rapid completion times. While free tools often require specific scenarios, specialized training, and interrupted productivity, MigrationWiz runs quietly in the background and turns complex scenarios into simple solutions.

Download BitTitan’s whitepaper, “Evaluating the Cost of Free Migration Tools,” to get a detailed comparison of why MigrationWiz beats free tools in every category. Using MigrationWiz saves time, money, and resources, and lets you focus on what matters most – running your business.

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