Partner Profile: SoftBank Technology

BitTitan Partner Profile: SoftBank Technology

SoftBank Technology of Japan succeeded in winning back a total of over 20,000 users from Google between 2015 and 2016, and is the only company in Japan with successful experience in data migration of 10,000 users.

To date, Softbank Technology has a track record of 180 companies and 520,000 users for Office 365.

For one of their clients, the largest company in the education industry in Japan, Softbank Technology delivered a complete migration of email, calendar data and complex permission settings, as well as data from Google Drive and Google Vault—all within five days.

In addition to their experience in helping large enterprises migrate data from a diverse range of email systems and collaborative software, they tout their “complete data migration” from Google Apps is an edge that sets them apart from the competition.

By partnering with BitTitan and leveraging MigrationWiz, Softbank Technology is able to meet complex customer demands.

I am Asami Kaizaki and I’m [an] Office 365 deployment engineer. Most of our customers choose us because of the migration service. So we are focused in Office 365. One of our customers in [a] migration project: 10,000 users and the period is two months, but we succeeded in the project using MigrationWiz. [We] can migrate many users in a very short time. Our customers will be happy.
—Asami Kaizaki, SoftBank Technology


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