Feature Spotlight: Project Sharing and Action Logging in MigrationWiz

During large migrations with multiple project owners, it’s important all agents have visibility into the actions of their teammates. Last year, BitTitan introduced Project Sharing features to MigrationWiz to improve collaboration between agents of the same Workgroup. With Project Sharing, service providers or internal IT teams supporting migrations can see information such as total available licenses within a Workgroup, all the Workgroups to which a user belongs, every customer that has a MigrationWiz project associated with them, and more.

We’re now taking this reporting and auditing capability a step further with the introduction of Action Logging to better track steps taken by other agents in the same Workgroup, improving security and audit practices while simplifying reporting. Let’s dig into this feature.


Which Actions Are Captured?

Action Logging within MigrationWiz can be categorized in two ways: Workgroup Action Logs and Project Action Logs. Both types are enabled by default and independent of the Project Sharing feature.

Workgroup Action Logs

Action Logging is available at the Workgroup-based level for better management and visibility across the team. The following information is captured:

  • Source Endpoint Edited: When, who, action, and both the old and new Source endpoints
  • Add User to the Workgroup: When, who, action
  • Remove User from Workgroup: When, who, action

Note that if an endpoint is deleted, the logs for that endpoint will not be included in the emailed log files.

Project Action Logs

Action Logging is available on a project-based level for smaller migrations or single project owners. This gives partners the opportunity to provide more granular detail to end-users about the project and demonstrate the combined efficiency of the partner’s services and MigrationWiz.

The following information is captured:

  • Start Full Migration: When, who, action, item types, and the Source users selected for the full migration
  • Stop Migration: When, who, action, item types, and the Source users selected to stop the migration
  • Item Moved: When, who, action, Source SMTP
  • Item Edited: When, who, action, Source SMTP
  • Item Deleted: When, who, action, Source SMTP
  • Advanced Options Updated: When, who, action

Note that for both logs, there may be a delay of up to 30 minutes before recent actions are listed. If you do not see expected actions listed in the report, wait 30 minutes and request again.


How can I export these logs?

The process for exporting Action Logs is simple yet slightly different for each type.

To export Workgroup Action Logs, sign in to your MigrationWiz account. From the Workgroup list on the Dashboard page, click on the page icon on the right for the corresponding log you would like to export. Clicking the send button will transmit a .csv file to your email.



To export Project Action Logs, sign in to your MigrationWiz account. From the My Projects bar, click on the graph bar icon from list on the right side of the page. Click OK to receive an email with the requested information.


Additional recipients may be added via Advanced Options > Notifications.


How long will BitTitan store logs?

BitTitan will store both types of logs for 180 days from the time the action was taken. After that, they will be deleted from the database.

In the event a customer deletes a project in MigrationWiz, the logs will be saved for 180 days before being deleted. If a customer would like access to these logs after deleting the project, they will need to contact BitTitan Support (support@bittitan.com).

For migrations performed via user impersonation, logs will be stored in the database but not displayed to the user.


Bonus Feature: Project Sharing and the BitTitan SDK

When Project Sharing was initially introduced in August 2018, the feature was only available through the MigrationWiz UI. This posed a challenge to our enterprise customers who relied on the SDK and scripting for project execution. With the launch of Action Logging, Project Sharing is now supported through the MigrationWiz UI as well as the SDK, offering customers the choice of how they would like to track and report on shared projects.

For more information regarding the BitTitan SDK, read this introduction in the Help Center.


More Advanced Options

Besides the capabilities highlighted in this post, MigrationWiz offers a host of other Advanced Options to help teams configure, launch, and manage migration projects. You can learn more about those options through the BitTitan Help Center or our on-demand webinar library.


5 Key Uses of MigrationWiz Advanced Options



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