Vlog: How to Price Your Managed Services Right

Today we debuted our monthly live vlog stream featuring Jethro Seghers!

Jethro explains key considerations for pricing your managed services: hard costs, soft costs, and margin.

What else should you consider as you leave the break/fix model behind and embrace recurring revenue? How can you make a more profitable business? Watch to find out!

Jethro’s big, Belgian brain is bursting with knowledge that will help transform IT services providers into Modern MSPs. Now we’ve found a great new way to share his insights and answer your questions.

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A note to our readers and viewers: We understand some of our partners were unable to see the live stream video earlier. We deeply apologize, and greatly appreciate you reaching out to let us know.

It’s our goal to ensure we can share the live vlog experience with every interested viewer. Rest assured we have looked into the issue and are making immediate improvements to bring Jehtro’s knowledge to your screen without any technical difficulties. Thanks for sticking with us!

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Spencer Czapiewski is a past contributor for the BitTitan blog. A Seattle native with a passion for writing and marketing, he loves putting narrative and lightheartedness into his technology content.

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