Video Case Study: Transforming an SI into a Modern MSP

Learn how the award-winning Microsoft Partner Attunix uses MSPComplete to help them along their journey from a project-based systems integrator into a Modern MSP.

Attunix: At the critical junction point

CEO Matt O’Donnell founded Attunix in 2006 with a mission to be the critical junction point between corporate strategy and technological capabilities. In fact, the name “Attunix” comes from the idea of integration—to “attune” an organization.

The Seattle suburban IT service provider aligns C-suite strategy and needs with technology solutions to deliver powerful business outcomes across many areas of expertise, including Advanced Analytics, Modern Datacenter, App Modernization, and Internet of Things.

Attunix is at a junction point itself, experiencing significant growth as the business expands from a traditionally project-based model to offering managed services across its portfolio.

“If we do it effectively, we’ll have the legs to run, scale, and reach our customers in new and innovative ways,” Matt explained. “Otherwise, our business won’t have the same reach.”

New opportunities mean new challenges

While recurring revenue from managed services provides Attunix the safety to take bigger business risks, the bar is high for consistent, quality delivery. To ensure every customer has the same great experience with Attunix, services need to be standardized and delivered consistently—not just written down for reference.

“There’s usually some knowledge article or standard operating procedure, but often it’s just a document for someone to go through,” explained David Thompson, Managing Consultant. “You hope they don’t miss a step. Plus, can be overly cumbersome for them to report on progress.”

“Without speaking to a project manager directly, I don’t have great visibility into what the team is working on or what’s coming up,” PMO Director Hannah de Regt told BitTitan. “The lack of visibility makes it very difficult to load balance the work across the team and make resourcing decisions, which can affect our bottom line.”

It’s not just about scaling processes, but knowledge, too

As Attunix grows, it’s increasingly important to find ways to streamline internal process, too—especially around sharing and protecting their proficiencies. Today, employees can walk across the hall to talk to someone with a great idea or helpful piece of information. However, that dynamic is changing with employee growth and doesn’t allow for scale.

They also worry about losing expertise with employee turnover. As Hannah mentioned, “If we lose an architect, we lose their knowledge and we can no longer perform that service.”

A large part of David’s role is to bridge the gap between professional services and managed services. David struggled, “How can we turn our IP into repeatable tasks and deliver it all in a nice package?”

A flexible platform to document, customize, and deliver

BitTitan MSPComplete is helping Attunix revolutionize its business and expand its managed services catalog. The platform captures and protects unique processes and intellectual property, turning best practices into templates that allow for repeatable services and the perfect touch of Attunix personalization when and where it’s needed.

“We have repeatable processes in standard template services, and can customize them each of our customers,” David explained. “MSPComplete opens up opportunities to leverage people in a way that provides the most value for you. Our senior resources only focus where they’re actually required, so they’re freed up to provide additional value on non-standardized items for our customers.”

“I’m excited about the visibility and dashboards in MSPComplete,” Hannah told BitTitan. “Seeing all the given tasks being followed and the progress across projects gives me the ability to make proactive decisions. I don’t have to just trust that my project managers are doing everything.”

A boost in efficiency, profitability, and customer focus

Standardization for service delivery means more predictable expectations and outcomes for customers, and increased profits for Attunix. The company is not only maintaining high quality across hundreds of projects, but more easily launching brand new services with a framework to document, optimize, and specialize processes with the personal touch that makes the professional services business so successful.

“We’ve extended our relationships with customers,” David explained. “We no longer come in, get the job done, and leave. We’re able to give customers a more sophisticated, ongoing solution to manage.”

The Attunix team is excited to continue streamlining operational processes with MSPComplete, including internal processes like employee onboarding and the customer hand-off from sales to the delivery team.

The first step in your own journey

Expanding your business isn’t easy, but the first steps can be really empowering. Get started with MSPComplete for free, and put your unique processes into Automated Runbooks to start standardizing your service delivery.

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