Use or Modify Runbook Templates in MSPComplete to Launch New Services

You want to expand your service offers, but the barriers to entry seem too high. 
Not anymore.

Working with thousands of IT service providers, we understand that designing and launching new offerings requires extensive product and technical knowledge. Many have considered offering services around new cloud ecosystems like Google, AWS, or Azure, but found the investment in time, money, and resources is risky without knowing the ROI to justify the business decision.

In this Automation Lab Short, we show how MSPComplete can help you go to market faster with new service offerings. BitTitan and other industry leaders are continuously loading the Library in MSPComplete with Runbooks that enable you to launch new services, standardizing your service delivery with best practices as a comprehensive starting point.

The variety of service offerings found in the Runbook Library are designed to lower the barriers to entry to going to market with new services. Now you won’t need to invest so heavily in researching, building, and learning new services. You’ll discover Runbook templates cut down, and sometimes eliminate, the need to hire additional, specialized resources.

Use Runbooks as they are, or customize them to differentiate your delivery with your own unique practices.

Scenario: Let’s imagine you want to break into delivering Azure services.

MSPComplete has a Runbook called “Perform an Azure ROI Assessment” which uses the HealthCheck for Azure tool BitTitan customers love.

Perhaps your organization always incorporates an on-site workshop for your customers—that’s your special touch. To ensure the customer experience is the best it can be, you need to disseminate the notes from the on-site visit to the internal team and set up an internal sync with all project participants to ensure no details slip through the cracks. This way, the analysis of the assessment and your proposal for future work can be tailored to meet their immediate business needs and long-term goals.

In the video you see how simple it is in MSPComplete to customize and insert tasks to the out-of-the-box Runbooks available from the Library. This empowers you to create new intellectual property in the form of unique delivery methods. These modifications are made available instantly and globally within your workgroup in MSPComplete. Now, every time this service is launched, the new step will be included in your process.

How else can MSPComplete help your business? See for yourself.

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Katy Snyder leads the Global Demand Generation team at BitTitan with over a decade of experience in technology and B2B marketing. Katy is passionate about helping BitTitan customers harness the power of BitTitan solutions to build a robust cloud service operation, making BitTitan invaluable to building a thriving cloud practice.

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