Using MSPComplete to Manage Office, Microsoft 365 Service Delivery

This is the ninth installment in a new series on the BitTitan blog, “The Complete MSP,” built to help IT professionals stay ahead of the service provider curve and accelerate the evolution of your customers’ solutions.  In previous posts, we covered the growing professional and managed services opportunity around Azure (“Blue Gold: The Azure Gold Rush and How to Cash In”) as well as the effectiveness of automated runbooks (“Blue Magic: Wield the Power of the Runbook“). See all posts in the series here.

All you need to do to convince yourself that Office 365 represents a tremendous opportunity for you as a Managed Services Provider (MSP) is to visit It is immediately obvious that very few customers are going to want to administer all of the complex and extensive capabilities of the platform themselves. Your best salespeople will be quick to point out to their customers that while it is possible for them to do so, there’s really no way they will get all the potential value out of Office 365 unless they engage you to help them manage the environment.

Emphasize Your Customer Value Proposition to Increase Deal Value… to YOU!

Customers who have simply signed up for Office or Microsoft 365 on the Microsoft website and attempted to deploy it themselves have discovered that it is simply too large and powerful a platform for them to attempt this alone. Many MSPs who use MSPComplete to augment their customer value proposition have been able to clearly demonstrate how much more benefit customers enjoy when they engage a competent MSP partner for their deployment projects.

Those MSPs take the time to explain to their customers the many ways in which they help them get more value by performing a variety of high-impact services, all of which are enabled by MSPComplete. These include:

Cloud-Readiness Assessment: Any substantial upgrade to systems represents a rare opportunity to rid the system of challenges, outdated software, hardware that is no longer compatible, groups containing users who are no longer there, mistaken security and rights settings, and much more. The only way these challenges are going to be changed begins with identifying them. A comprehensive assessment of the entire environment assures that every opportunity for improvement is located.

HealthCheck for Office 365: HealthCheck for Office 365, a component of MSPComplete, automates examination of all the data points that can become impediments to your successful migration to Office or Microsoft 365 so you can remotely examine and report on everything. Producing this assessment as an initial engagement serves to significantly shorten your sales cycle and impresses your customer with your attention to detail and your intention to keep their costs minimal.

Onboarding: Automated Provisioning of Office or Microsoft 365 services dramatically reduces the time it takes for you to provision and configure all cloud services for all users by automating all the related processes. You’ll even create your own automated wizards enabling users to log themselves into the new services for the first time. Instead of moving from console to console in service after service to click boxes, fill out fields, and complete the onboarding process, the Wizard will do it all for you, only stopping to ask for needed inputs.

Installations & Migrations: Users will also appreciate the ease of installation of various services when automated using MSPComplete.

Many Pre-Rollout Services: Before you can roll out Office or Microsoft 365 to your user communities there are many services which may need to be performed, including troubleshooting of restrictions, limits, rights, and authorities; configuration of the Outlook email client for each user; preparation for migration of mailboxes; setup of SharePoint Online sites and automations; public folder migrations, and so much more. Many of these are accomplished using “out-of-the-box” automation that come with MSPComplete.

Preparing for the Future: The initial conversion and migration to Office or Microsoft 365 is not the end-point. In fact, it is very much the beginning. Going forward, new users will continue to be added, new applications will be added, and many other changes will be required.

Your Intellectual Property: The automations you create to perform each of these changes represent re-sellable intellectual property for you, and great facilitation for your customers.

Ongoing User Support: Many refer to them as “frequent flyers,” the most often requested services. Password resets. Disabling departed users. Rights changes. Many of these are handled by out-of-the-box automations. You’ll create your own custom automations for the rest. This will speed problem resolution for your customers while it reduces costs for you.

Your Complete MSP Toolset

Remember that your customers don’t need to know what tools you use to perform these services, and very likely don’t care. The customer’s concern is that you assure optimum delivery of all cloud services and reliable, continuous performance.

Use MSPComplete to SILENTLY augment your ability to deliver services to Office and Microsoft 365 customers, making your increased ability the marketable advantage. As you use MSPComplete you’ll innovate new automations and create new services. Focus all of your marketing on those services that are powered by MSPComplete, and enjoy your customer’s greatest appreciation of what you do for them.


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