MSPComplete: The Cure for Cloud Click Fatigue Syndrome

Over ten years ago when the cloud was still in its infancy, I made the prediction that it would become increasingly difficult to manage.

While the cloud has fulfilled many promises, it’s also created new problems. Today’s IT professionals and service providers run the risk of Cloud Click Fatigue Syndrome – the result of dozens of interfaces and hundreds of pages, forms, and steps necessary to manage the cloud and deliver IT services.

That’s why we created MSPComplete – a solution built to help IT professionals manage activities, not objects, and create repeatable activation, deployment, and support services for SaaS.

Watch the video below or contact us today to learn more about how to avoid Cloud Click Fatigue Syndrome!



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Geeman Yip

Geeman Yip is the CEO and founder of BitTitan, with 20 years of experience in the software and IT industry. Having shipped dozens of products at Microsoft, Geeman is currently revolutionizing how IT professionals deliver cloud solutions with the MSPComplete platform.

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[…] is the future of IT service delivery and the cure for Cloud Click Fatigue Syndrome. Watch a quick five-minute demo of the platform below and consider the following: what do you want […]