MigrationWiz Supports Migrations to Office 365 with Dirsync

A recent blog article from Cloud Migrations “Why Friends Don’t Let Friends Use the Office 365 Migration Tool (MMT),” discusses the pitfalls of migrating to Office 365 with the internal Microsoft Migration Tool (MMT). The author explains the complications that can arise while using a third-party migration tool with the Microsoft Directory Synchronization Tool (Dirsync). He then goes on to say that new changes to the tool require all migration projects using Dirsync have to migrate with MMT. We are happy to report this is not the case!

Developers at MigrationWiz have been aware of the issues that a user can experience using a third-party migration tool with Dirsync for over a year. Our engineers were the first in the industry to have an answer to this issue. MigrationWiz users have two easy options that will allow them to use both tools during the migration to Microsoft Office 365. We have developed a workaround for the deploying the ADFS at different stages of migration, as well as our own DirSync tool. MigrationWiz customers have been happily migrating with Dirsync for well over a year now.

If a problem does arise we offer 24×7 technical support to all of our customers as part of any MigrationWiz license purchase.

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