MigrationWiz PST Migration with BitTitan Storage

The PST Solution that BitTitan released few weeks ago uses Azure Storage Account as the primary storage for PST Files. For smaller migration of for company that have no Azure Storage account available BitTitan gives you the option to use their Azure Storage Account as a temporary storage account.

How does the PST Solution work?

Step by Step

  1. Setup MigrationWiz
    1. Sign in to your MigrationWiz account.
    2. Click the Projects tab.
    3. Click on the Create Project button .
    4. Choose  Archive Project
    5. Select PST BitTitan Storage as a Source
    6. Select and configure your destination
    7. Save your project. If you want to migrate to an archive mailbox, skip to Option 2 below.
    8. Choose Add Upload PST File     This will provide you with all the information necessary to upload your PST to our Storage. You need to use our upload tool
    9. Define the path to the PST (filename included) or use discovery
    10. Define the destination primary email address
    11. Go back to 11 if you have multiple PST files.
    12. Use Verify to check the credentials
    13. Use Start to do a trial or full migration
  2. When you want to migrate to an Archive Mailbox.
    1. Go to Advanced Options
    2. Change the destination from mailbox to archive

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