MigrationWiz Now Offers PST as a Destination

Now in MigrationWiz, when you are migrating from email sources like Exchange, Exchange Online and Google Apps, you’ll have a new “destination” option available of “PST”. When you select this feature the mailboxes you are extracting from the source will be exported to user-based PST files on the Azure storage account of your choice.

When would I use PST as my destination?  

There are quite a few use cases for extracting data from email servers in to PST format including:

Migration of legacy data to third party cloud archives:

Most third party cloud email archiving platforms do not offer public APIs for ingestion. Instead, when customers have legacy data to bring in, the archive vendors require the data to shipped to their processing facilities in PST format. The introduction of PST as a destination now allows BitTitan partners to take on migration projects to leading third party cloud archives like Mimecast, Enterprise Vault Cloud, Sonian and Global Relay.

Inactive mailbox management:

Customers running email on-premise frequently end up managing a large numbers of inactive mailboxes. They keep these mailboxes on their email server for day to day access to emails and sometimes for compliance and legal reasons. As these customers migrate email to the cloud, the cost of maintaining these inactive mailboxes becomes prohibitive. But many of these customers need continued access to this legacy data. With PST as a destination, you can extract these inactive mailboxes to PSTs which can be stored on low-cost storage on-premise or in the cloud for future access when needed.

Investigations, eDiscovery and compliance audits:

Email servers are the most common electronic repositories that need to be searched during internal investigations, eDiscovery matters and compliance audits. Frequently, HR, legal and compliance departments require emails for specific users (known as custodians) to be extracted out of the email server for further analysis and legal hold purposes. With PST as a destination you can now aid customers during this process, adding another service offering to your portfolio.

Try PST as a destination on your next project!

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