MigrationWiz Dashboard makes you even more productive

When you are a company providing migration services to your customers it is sometimes hard to keep track of the progress of all the different migrations. ​A good, easy to use dashboard is a valuable tool in keeping that overview.

MigrationWiz wants to provide that overview to its users. Therefor we launched the new dashboard that will help you even more in your migration paths.


The new dashboard gives you an overview of all the information sources of your projects:

  1. ​​Go to your projects to see them in details, modify them, continue migration, etc.
  2. Are you facing issues or troubles? Check out our support center on our community site, by far the most extensive knowledge base that you’ll find.
  3. How many migrations are still active, are still running?
  4. How many licenses do I still have available? Do I need to buy more or am I good for the new few projects? Did you know we changed our licensing model recently? Check it out on the MigrationWiz product page or on our community site.
  5. What projects have I recently been working on?
  6. What items are recently migrated successfully?
  7. What items failed recently?​
The team of BitTitan’s MigrationWiz tries continuously to improve your user experience. If you have feedback, please we would love to hear it on our forums or through our support site.

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