Migrations to and from Exchange 2016 with MigrationWiz

Microsoft Exchange 2016, the latest version of MS Exchange products, has been released in General Availability.

Whenever a new product is released, the question becomes: How do we get our data from our legacy or non-Exchange servers into Exchange 2016? MigrationWiz supports migration to and from Exchange 2016, even in Preview mode. To streamline the process, we’ve included Exchange 2016 as a source and destination option within MigrationWiz.

Selecting a Microsoft Exchange 2016 server as a source:


Selecting a Microsoft Exchange 2016 server as a destination:





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Jethro Seghers is a Microsoft MVP in Office 365 and frequent speaker at industry events in Europe and the U.S. Jethro is certified in SharePoint and Exchange technology. He loves community and education, but above all, anything Belgian—from beer and chocolates to soccer (or what most of the world logically calls "football").

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