Migrate Suggested Contacts from Google Apps

Suggested contacts are placeholder contacts that Gmail automatically creates based on the email addresses you send emails to and receive emails from. Creating these contacts enables recipient auto-completion when you compose new emails. By default, suggested contacts are not migrated. However, if you wish, MigrationWiz can migrate suggested contacts.


To enable migration of suggested contacts:

  1. Sign in to your MigrationWiz account
  2. Click Perform Mailbox Migration
  3. Select your Mailbox Connector
  4. Click on “Edit connector”
  5. Click on “Show advanced options”
  6. Select “Gmail Contacts:” → “Migrate Suggested Contacts”
  7. Save your connector

Note: Exchange does not identify suggested contacts as a system folder. MigrationWiz will migrate this content to a root named “Suggested Contacts”.

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