Meet the Titans: Aleks Basisty

Welcome to “Meet the Titans,” a new series highlighting an important group here at BitTitan: Culture Titans. In case you missed it, we dove into the who, what, why, and how of this team in a recent post: “Leading With Values: Meet our Culture Titans.” The purpose of this series, however, is to get to know this cross-departmental crack squad on a deeper level: what their average day at BitTitan is like, what keeps them busy outside of work (editor’s note: some of these folks might actually be real superheroes), how they’d pass time on a deserted island, and much more. Any questions you’d like to see the Culture Titans answer? Drop into the comments below and let us know.

Without further ado, let’s meet Finance Project Manager Aleksendr Bohgdanavich Basisty – or Aleks for short.


Hi Aleks, thanks for joining us for this series. Tell us how long you’ve worked at BitTitan and what your typical day looks like.

I’ve been at BitTitan for about three years now. I usually come into work at 9am and cheerfully greet everyone I see to give the appearance of happiness (even though I usually wish I was still sleeping). I check my emails for the first 30-40 minutes, usually followed by a team meeting by 10am. Then I alternate between working on larger projects and attending additional meetings throughout the day.


What’s your favorite thing to do in your spare time?

It honestly depends on the day. I tend to rotate through obsessions. I will really be into cooking for a month, or gaming, or working out, or watching dogs, or some new show. One thing that does stay consistent is that I love spending time with my wife. Seeing her get excited always brings a smile to my face (another editorial intrusion: Aleks’ wife Melissa is indeed amazing and has an infectious energy. She is a Culture Titan, too; we’ll meet her in a future post).


What about your favorite food?

My favorite foods change constantly but one that I love and always brings my childhood nostalgia back is pelmeni (Russian dumplings).


Image Credit: Eugene Kim via Flickr


You’re stranded on a deserted island with three books/movies/CDs of your choice (or a combination of all, but can’t pick more than three). What are they?

  1. Military survival guide – Book
  2. Boat building guide – Book
  3. How to deal with loneliness – Book



Dinner with one person or celebrity in history, dead or alive: who is it and why them?

This seems nearly impossible, as there are so many interesting dead and living people that are interesting for different reasons. I guess Hadrian would be on the short list. He was one of the most interesting Roman Emperors and by all accounts seems like a great guy to have a chat with.


If you have one superpower, what would it be? Explain.

Immortality (the eternal health/youth kind). I am an immensely curious person and I want to continue to live and learn everything there is to learn and to see how EVERYTHING plays out.


Which BT Core Value do you feel you exemplify the most? Why?

Constant Learning. Like my superhero answer above, I just want to learn and learn. Not just for the sake of knowing, but to apply it and make things better.


What’s it mean to you to be a Culture Titan?

It means I am personally responsible for representing BitTitan on a professional and personal level. I need to lead by example and live the BT values and to influence others to follow, especially the newcomers.

That’s it for this Culture Titan spotlight! Stay tuned for more interviews with team members in the coming weeks.


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