Logging Subjects of Failed Items

MigrationWiz is used by the most secure organizations including healthcare, government and banking institutions. In order to comply with privacy policies and security regulations, we DO NOT store any item subjects by default. Due to these policies, we are unable to specifically display which mailbox items failed if an item has failed for any reason.

However, you have the option to let us store and report the subject of failed items for all mailboxes or a specific mailbox under a connector.

Note that:

  • If a mailbox is already running when you enable this option, you must restart the migration for the change to take effect.
  • In many cases, we are unable to read  the subject of a failed item. For example, if the item is corrupt, was deleted during migration, or because the item is very large (i.e. the connection times out before the item could be read). To help identify offending items, mailbox statistics include a count of failed items per folder as well as an aggregate error size. A large error size typically indicates that some large items could not be transmitted due to size limits at the source or destination.

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