Large-Scale GroupWise Migration for Award-Winning School District

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“Efficiently, effectively, and transparently migration 7,000 mailboxes to a new mail system for our educators in a weekend.”

– Mitch Mitchell, Assistant Director of Technology
Plano Independent School District

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Plano Independent School District
Plano Independent School District (PISD) serves the residents of approximately 100 square miles in southwest Collin County with 71 schools in total. In 2010 accountability ratings reported by the Texas Education Agency, Plano ISD rated “Exemplary” on all 25 academic indicators. The “all students” group maintained an “Exemplary” rating in all content areas (reading, 98%; writing, 99%; social studies, 100%; mathematics, 97% and science, 97%). Every year since the award has been presented (1992-2011), Plano ISD has been selected for a “What Parents Want Award” by SchoolMatch® of Columbus, OH, the nation’s largest school selection and consulting firm. Only 16 percent of the nation’s 15,571 public school districts (2,437) have been recognized at this level. More information about Plano Independent School District can be found at

The Challenge
Wanting to take advantage of Microsoft’s Live@edu free email hosting service for education institutions, Plano Independent School District decided to switch to Microsoft Live@edu to save on long-term IT costs. Equally important, this also was an opportunity to benefit from enterprise-class tools in an educational setting. With approximately 7,000 mailboxes throughout the district, Mitch Mitchell, Assistant Director of Technology, knew that using conventional migration solutions would result in a very time-consuming project. After carefully analyzing available migration solutions, Plano ISD chose MigrationWiz because of its zero footprint deployment, wide range of features, first-class 24 hour technical support and unmatched speed. MigrationWiz offers high-fidelity email, contact, appointment and task migration from GroupWise in a fully automated manner.

The MigrationWiz Solution
With no software or hardware to install, MigrationWiz’s cloud-based migration solution accelerated the migration process to a single weekend. Using MigrationWiz’s patent-pending technology, PISD was able to decommission their existing GroupWise environment faster, thus immediately lowering IT costs. Mitchell said, “We were able to efficiently, effectively, and transparently migrate 7,000 mailboxes to a new mail system for our educators in a weekend. (I’m) very pleased with the support and process.”

About MigrationWiz
MigrationWiz is a complete cloud-based migration solution that helps companies move from existing to new messaging systems seamlessly and affordably. With no hardware or software to install, the patent-pending technology is a solution designed to meet the needs of individuals, IT administrators, consultants, system integrators and service providers interested in migrating mailboxes. MigrationWiz is a trusted brand in over 50 countries by global Fortune 500 organizations, governments, healthcare providers, and more. Customers can sign-up, configure and initiate migrations in a matter of minutes with no prior experience. For more information, visit MigrationWiz.

Organization: Plano Independent School District
Location: Plano, Texas, USA
Industry: K-12 Education
Employees: 7,000
Total Mailboxes Migrated: 7,000+
Source Messaging System: Novell GroupWise 7
Destination Messaging System: Microsoft Live@edu

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