What Kind of MSP Are You? (Part 2)

“It’s always easiest to stop a problem before it starts.”

Last week, we looked at MSP Persona #1: New to being a Modern MSP. This week, we’re focusing on MSPs that generate recurring revenue and are ready to work on their service delivery.

When growing your business, there are always competing priorities: Expanding your services, increasing revenue, and finding new customers.

For an MSP that’s reached these milestones, it’s easy to wonder “what now?” To truly differentiate your business and improve your workflow, the next step is becoming a proactive MSP.

MSP Persona #2


MSPs that have achieved recurring revenue have come a long way! But it always seems like there’s another fire. Their next step is to improve internal processes, proactively manage customer security, bundle their offerings, and differentiate their business!

What they think

think-icon-002Managing client environments means data security is more important than ever. Needs to streamline how projects and problems are communicated internally while finding services that differentiate them from the competition.


What they care about

care-icon-002Detecting preventable problems and standardizing project management. Identifying relevant services that add value to their current offerings and introducing these service to existing and new customer environments.


What they use

tools-icon-002Tools that improve environment management, help them detect problems earlier, and allow them to identify value-added services. With tools like HealthCheck for Azure, their workflow and problem-solving improve, leaving them time to identify what makes their business different.


Where they’re going

going-icon-002A proactive set of services designed to ensure client security and simplify client management. Plus, developing a business model that specializes in some set of services, vertical, or other area of expertise.

Established MSP’s have a great opportunity to nail down their business processes internally and externally. Once they finish the hard work of how to do things better, they can take stock of their strengths and offer skills that make them different from their competitors and valuable to customers.

Check in next week for MSP Persona #3

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