Introducing: Azure Campaign-in-a-Box Part I

Campaign-in-a-BoxWe’ve heard from many BitTitan partners that they struggle with sales and marketing content. Well, we have some good news. We’re giving you FREE tools to run your own Azure marketing campaign and assessment workshops. We’re doing all of this to help you answer one question:

“How do I get my customers interested in an Azure conversation?”

Azure conversations can lead to consumption, which translates to recurring revenue. But finding ways to get the word out while demonstrating expertise can be tough when you’re busy running a business. If you can’t afford to focus on sales and marketing, we can at least help you get started.

We’ve built a toolkit to help you get our own Azure campaign up and running! We call it Campaign-in-a-Box and it’s packed with content to help you use three different mediums to reach out to current and new clients.

Run your own four-week marketing campaign to educate and connect with potential Azure customers.

Campaign-in-a-Box offers:

– One blog post per week
– One email template per week
– Social media content

– A customizable sample calendar
– A customizable assessment one-sheet
– A how-to guide with tips and tricks

We designed this campaign with room for all of your custom branding, expertise, and personal voice. Bring your experiences to each piece and spread the word about your business and the Azure opportunity!

The Campaign-in-a-Box is designed to help you answer the big questions customers face when deciding whether or not to switch to Azure.

These materials are meant to cover common questions, concerns, and educate customers on what Azure does and how they can explore opportunities with Azure through an assessment. Even if your customers decide Azure isn’t right for them now, you can still provide value through an assessment, and deepen your relationship with your customer as their trusted MSP and IT advisor.

ksa_resources_ciab_640x256Use this Campaign-in-a-Box to get the Azure conversation started, generate revenue with Azure, and make the cloud more profitable for your business!

We’re looking forward to Kicking Some Azure with you!


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