#KickSomeAzure With Assessment Tip #2

Industry estimates for the benefits of Azure can only bring conversations with customers so far.

Last week we focused on starting the Azure conversation. This week, we’re ready to keep the conversation flowing with the second tip in our series about preparing and delivering assessments.

Tip #2: Treat questions about Azure as an opportunity to explain the value of assessments!

With so many different types of concerns, it’s critical to use customer questions to identify which ones an assessment can answer best.

For some customers, the steps to migration are what seem most difficult. For others it’s understanding the condition of their IT infrastructure, estimating costs, deciding what to migrate, maintaining or increasing data security, or following compliance regulations.

It’s also possible that if someone’s current solution is working, the benefits of Azure are unclear.

No matter what their fears are, running an assessment can eliminate unknowns by using data from their own system to generate cost estimates, select workloads, and find security risks.

What are some of the most frequently asked questions about Azure and assessments?

  • “Is Azure more secure than an on premises solution?
  • “How are my assets protected in Azure?”
  • “What does an assessment have to do with security?”
  • “Do I have to move everything to Azure”
  • “How do I plan for Azure pay-as-you-go costs?”

Answer these questions thoroughly and be specific about the data an assessment gathers.

Explain that HealthCheck for Azure can:

  • Reveal security flaws and vulnerabilities
  • Visualize dependencies
  • Generate true costs of their infrastructure and workloads
  • Calculate right sized costs in Azure
  • Identify highly movable workloads
  • Non-intrusively examine server usage, not file information

Work together and select which services can help them achieve their goals.

By taking the time to educate them about Azure and focus on their biggest Azure concerns, you develop trust and a better sense of what they and their infrastructure really need from the process of moving to Azure.

If you’re interested in learning more about using assessments in Azure workshops or launching your Azure campaign,  download our NEW Assessment Workshop Guide and Campaign-in-a-Box!

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