Introducing a New Resource for MSPs

At BitTitan, we’ve recently been taking a closer look at what is driving the success of our most innovative and profitable partners—those who we’re calling the “modern MSP.”

In speaking with them, we discovered that they have a LOT of experiences and best practices to share. And, going beyond that, we learned that our community of partners needs a better way to stay up to date with the trends and ideas that are sweeping across our industry.

That’s why today we’re introducing as your new central source for trends, insights, and perspectives to accelerate your managed services business.

What’s a Modern MSP?

new resourceLet’s step back a moment and define what we’ve heard from innovators in the industry. We found all modern MSPs focus on the cloud, scale business with automation, are driven by recurring revenue, bundle software and services, build long-term relationships, and continually look for upsell/cross-sell opportunities.

To be a modern MSP, you need to think differently. Modern MSPs are trusted advisers who know the landscape of services and guide customers toward purchases that make sense.


Why this blog? Why now?

There’s a massive transition taking place in the industry. Many partners are still transaction oriented and project focused. They’re going out of business and don’t even know it. Meanwhile, modern MSPs are positioning for the future. We’re in this together. We’re here to shed light on the industry, what’s taking place, and how to stay ahead of it.

What will I see when I go there?

Some of today’s headlines include:

  • 3 ways to look smooth upselling the cloud
  • Hodor (yes, the Game of Thrones character) on being a Modern MSP
  • Living large on the Azure upsell
  • How to beat the pants off on-prem competitors

In short, is designed to develop a robust community of, well, modern MSPs, who are leading the industry into the future. Seriously: check out the new site now. Subscribe to stay up-to-date with the latest features, and be sure to follow ModernMSP on Twitter.

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