How to Validate DNS Settings with Automation in MSPComplete

A critical part of managing a customer’s Office 365 environment is configuring DNS settings. Whether you’re migrating to Office 365 or setting up a tenant from scratch, DNS settings must be set up properly before you (or your customer) can move on to other work.

To validate that the DNS was configured correctly, many IT services providers must manually log in to the Office 365 environment and confirm the settings.

In this Automation Lab short, we show you how to automate DNS validation with a PowerShell script in MSPComplete, our IT services automation platform.

Automate where you can, be prescriptive where you can’t

While BitTitan helps you automate many of the most challenging tasks in migrations and other services, certain processes demand manual attention.

There are thousands of different systems for managing domain name settings, many of which do not offer APIs and require manual configuration. It’s easy for an engineer to make errors doing manual work in an unfamiliar system when DNS management tools have varying approaches to settings.

If each customer has a different DNS hosting service, do you have instructions for each kept written down? Are they accessible and kept updated, or just in an engineer’s head to knows the customer environment?

Where automation efficiency meets flexibility

If you use MigrationWiz today, our automated migration Runbooks in MSPComplete can be easily customized from templates to align to customer needs or your unique delivery practices. MSPComplete allows engineers to document the exact migration settings and DNS configuration steps needed for each customer, regardless of where customer domains are hosted or which system you need to use to make the DNS configuration.

Instructional tasks within Runbooks in MSPComplete allow for valuable information and processes to be recorded and then surfaced at the exact time needed for the task at hand. Since MSPComplete contains live documentation, updates to this information are deployed immediately. This way, everyone is working from the most current version and delivering services with consistency.

After the configuration, you can run a script to validate the DNS settings right from the platform, removing the need for engineers to manually confirm the settings in Office 365.

The automation can replace your manual validation anywhere DNS configuration is required. Whether you’ve cut over MX records in a migration, you’re setting up a new Office 365 tenant, or performing other Office 365 services, you can reuse the single script in these many Runbooks.

Improve your end-to-end Office 365 practice

MSPComplete features a growing Library of out-of-the-box Runbooks for a variety of cloud services, including BitTitan migrations, Datto backup, and many other Office 365 tasks—all readily customizable to align with the unique way you deliver services.

Want to see more?

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In an upcoming episode of the Automation Lab, we’ll dive deep into a script that helps you automate migrating mailbox permissions. Be sure to subscribe to our video series to stay informed of the latest demonstrations.

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