Google Apps to Microsoft Exchange Migrations: New Conversion Options

We’re proud to announce some improvements to the way we migrate mailbox data from Google Apps to Microsoft Exchange. We hope you will find these new options useful as they provide more control over how your Gmail data should migrate to Exchange. Below are new options that your connector will show (the first option is the recommended default).

migrate data from google apps screenshot

But first, let’s explain how Gmail labels can be converted into Exchange Server folders. Suppose you’re planning a vacation to Hawaii with some friends. You set labels “Hawaii” and “Friends” on a booking reservation. Viewing your Gmail account, your email appears under 3 folders: /Hawaii, /Friends but also /All Mail. Here is an example in Gmail:

gmail labels example

Migrating to an Exchange mailbox, one possibility would be to create a copy of each email under each folder. This somehow matches what users are accustomed to see. It also means that storage increases by a factor of 3. The All Mail folder will contain a duplicate of all emails. Exchange will store each instance as a separate copy.

/All Mail

Moving forward, when migrating the /All Mail folder, we will by default only migrate emails that do not reside in other folders. In other terms, only archived emails (i.e. without a label) will be migrated to the /All Mail folder. This means you’ll end up with only 2 copies in Exchange (since you applied 2 labels, each mapping to one Exchange folder):


The second option consists in migrating only emails in the /All Mail folder converting labels into categories. In that case, your Exchange mailbox will essentially contain a single /All Mail folder with each email tagged using different categories. Emails without any label will be assigned Exchange category “Archive”. Here is an example in Exchange:

converting gmail lables into categories

Have fun migrating!

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