Getting Started with the New MSPComplete: FAQ

Since April’s great reveal of the new MSPComplete platform, there have been many questions from our partners. We’ve compiled some helpful resources and answers to your top questions right here.

MSPComplete Playbook

Explore the MSPComplete Playbook. Access the full collection of help and how-to articles for MSPComplete.

  • Getting started with MSPComplete.
  • Managing your account, members, and workgroups.
  • Managing your customers, users, and endpoints.
  • Managing services and tasks.
  • Managing computers, resources, and gateways.

Frequently asked questions

How do I log in to the MSPComplete platform?

Sign in using your current BitTitan account credentials. You can also register for free if you haven’t yet created an account.

Will I lose any of my current projects or customers?

Not at all. Every current project and customer will be in MSPComplete, appearing under a default workgroup.

Will my customers experience anything new or different during a migration?

Nope. The experience for your customers will continue to be seamless.

How do I access my migration projects that are in progress?

You have a couple ways to do this:

  • When you log in to the new MSPComplete, you’ll arrive on a Getting Started In the Get Right to Work section, you can select the option Go to Projects.
  • You can also navigate to existing projects by customer by clicking All Customers in the left navigation pane, selecting the customer whose projects you want to view, then the Projects Clicking the project name will take you to that project in MigrationWiz.

How will I learn to use the new MSPComplete platform?

We have a few things in place to help ensure your success with the new platform:

  • You’ll receive guidance in the platform, including a Getting Started page with resources and information, and in-app guidance for new features.
  • Existing BitTitan accounts should have received an email to kick off the new platform onboarding program. If you missed it, please reach out to Sales and we can get you what you need. If you’re a new partner, you’ll be enrolled into the email onboarding program at signup.
  • You can also check out the MSPComplete Playbook for organized, step-by-step guidance through all the platform features and functionality.

What’s a Runbook?

Runbooks are how we bring your documentation and SOPs to life to deliver services through MSPComplete. Read this article to learn more about Runbooks.

How do I contact Sales?

We encourage you to connect with your dedicated salesperson. If you aren’t sure who to speak with, no problem—just reach out to Our experts will get back to you within 24 hours.

What support is available with the new MSPComplete?

You can always click the help icon (?) in the top right of the page to access the help articles for MSPComplete. For any issues you have related to projects, you can always submit a support ticket.

What happened to MigrationWiz?

Nothing at all! You can still use MigrationWiz. In fact, MSPComplete can help you take advantage of advanced features, and help you standardize delivery and increase profitability of your favorite MigrationWiz projects you deliver today.

We also have a new, multi-workload bundle that gives you many Runbooks in MSPComplete to move mailboxes, documents, personal archives, configure Outlook remotely, and more. Learn about that bundled license here.

How much does MSPComplete cost?

MSPComplete is completely free to start! You can use many of the features with MSPComplete for free with up to three Agents in your workgroup forever. We also have different plans available with additional features, including teamwork and PowerShell automation. Learn more here.

You’ll need additional licensing for certain projects. For example, that bundled license we mentioned in the previous question costs $15 per end user, and is good through the end of the 12th month from when it’s purchased.

Other Premium Services, like Public Folder Migration and HealthCheck for Azure are still priced separately; you can still purchase these licenses and services through the Shopping Cart or Sales. Feel free to contact Sales if you need help building out an estimate for your next project.

We also now accept local currencies: AUD, CAD, EUR, GPY, and JPY.

How do I purchase an MSPComplete bundled license?

There are a few ways:

  • Purchase from the Shopping Cart.
  • In the User tab within a customer, you’ll see and manage the subscription status of all users under that customer. You can purchase and assign subscriptions with a credit card. When a subscription is required to perform a service on an unlicensed user, you’ll be prompted to purchase or apply available subscriptions.
  • You can also purchase subscriptions through your preferred distributor and redeem them with the generated coupon code in MSPComplete.
  • For information on invoicing, contact Sales.

Are there volume discounts for the bundled license, too?

Yes, we offer volume discounts for bulk purchases. Contact Sales for more information.

What’s new that I can do for free in MSPComplete?

There are many new features you can access and perform completely free, including Runbooks that consist of prescriptive guidance; or you can build your own! Other platform features, such as cost estimation, basic reporting, some customer management features, and cloud assessments are also available without spending a dime.

Learn more about getting organized with MSPComplete by vising the Pricing page.

Will MSPComplete expand to offer services for other products and ecosystems?

We understand partners need expertise across multiple ecosystems and their products to meet all the needs of their customers. We plan to expand and automate more services for Amazon, Google, and others, in addition to current and future Microsoft-focused services.

We’re also partnering with other amazing technology vendors to publish Automated Runbooks for other products you sell and support. For example, we’ve already got some great services in our Library published by Datto, Dropbox, and others. Check them out in the Services Library!

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