Get Moving: An Interview with Microsoft MVP, Kelsey Epps

It’s time to make a move!

kelsey eppsRecently, Kelsey Epps, a BitTitan Partner Technical Strategist and a Microsoft Office Servers and Services MVP, sat down with Mitch Tulloch at to talk shop and examine the best tools for Azure migrations!

Aside from a look at changing trends, they dove into the difficulties, value, and advantages of making the switch and how MSPs can best navigate the changing IT landscape.

Read the full interview here or check out some of our favorite highlights below!

The Azure Advantage

Talking about why Azure is a powerful solution is easy. When focusing on its positives, we sometimes forget to consider that Azure is a huge leap forward compared to older IT. As Kelsey explained,

Previously, the timeline to identify, size, purchase, install and configure servers would take weeks, if not months. With Azure, you identify, size, deploy and configure it all with in a matter of hours.

This is an incredible win for customers and MSPs. Customers in need of immediate, cost-effective solutions for their businesses can introduce Azure with limited disruption, and MSPs can efficiently provide cloud migrations services for more customers.

Plus, Azure is a solution for business of all types and sizes.

If your server needs a little more or less juice, you can resize it rather than re-order it. The headaches of typical data centers are gone; power, networking, rack space, cooling, etc… If the need for the server goes away, you can decommission it within hours, and you are not stuck with the physical server. This allows smaller shops to become bigger players in the game. They can now offer everything the big boys can and at a competitive cost.

Eliminating the costs of hardware while delivering the scale, power, and flexibility of off-premises servers is a game changer for SMBs. The demand for these migrations and the managed services opportunities associated with them are critical opportunities for MSPs.

Better with BitTitan

Though Azure is a breakout opportunity for customers and MSPs, there can still be roadblocks to a smooth migration.

Right-sizing workloads, identifying dependencies, and selecting optimal firewall rules are all challenging tasks with expensive consequences if handled incorrectly. Without information about a customer’s IT, partners are forced to guess what server sizes are needed and fix preventable problems during migration. Customers pay more, and MSPs spend time guessing, planning and problem solving.

Tools such as BitTitan HealthCheck for Azure are…

…reclaiming thousands of hours our partners would otherwise spend by sizing servers correctly. This, in turn, helps partners sell Azure by saving clients millions of dollars by deploying servers the correct size in Azure.

Just like Azure itself, BitTitan HealthCheck for Azure is a smart option for customers and MSPs. Both reap the benefits of better data through cost savings, ease of migration, and good business.

Are you ready to start offering Azure?

Learn more about BitTitan Healthcheck for Azure, how make the cloud profitable through Azure Assessment Workshops, or how to kick off your own Azure campaign with Azure Campaign-in-a-Box!

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