Friends Don’t Let Friends Use PST Export / Import

Four great reasons for you to use MigrationWiz for your next migration project in lieu of inconvenient the PST export / import method:

  • Slow performance. A PST export / import provides about 1/10th of the migration speed provided by other Exchange APIs such as Web DAV or EWS.
  • Manual process. If you value your time, you know how expensive it can be to perform a large-scale migration using manual PST export / import methods.
  • Error reporting. A PST import¬†/ export will not provide statistics, email notifications, or an error log indicating which items fail to migrate.
  • Address resolution. A PST import / export will not translate certain types of addresses such as Legacy DNs into SMTP addresses (required for repliability).

And if that wasn’t enough… One more important reason to abandon PST export/import migration methods. Let’s say you migrate appointments from one Exchange system to another, each with a different Active Directory, using PST export/import. After the migration, calendars for which the user is the organizer will become read only. The reason for this is that the process will transmit the MAPI Entry ID or the organizer. This Entry ID maps to nothing in the destination AD environment. So Outlook / OWA render the appointment as read only (since the organizer’s Entry ID does not match the destination mailbox’s owner). Yet another problem solved using MigrationWiz!

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