Folder Exclusions

MigrationWiz allows very rich folder exclusions using the regular expressions syntax. I know that a lot of people are not familiar with this syntax, so I’m going to try and break it down to some simple examples.

Folder Normalization

The first thing is to understand how we normalize the folder names in which the regular expressions applied to.

  • Case Sensitivity – Folder names are compared in a case insensitive fashion
  • Folder Separator – Regardless of the messaging system, we separate all folder paths with a forward slash (/) for the purpose of exclusion comparison. i.e. Inbox/SubFolder
  • Preceding Separator – Do not specify any preceding separator when referencing the folder. i.e. Do not specify /Inbox/SubFolder but rather Inbox/SubFolder
  • Trailing Separator – Do not specify any trailing separator when referencing the folder. i.e. Do not specify Inbox/SubFolder/ but rather Inbox/SubFolder


Here are some example folder filters that you can start with:

Filter Description
^All Mail$ Do not migrate the “All Mail” folder from Gmail. Note that sub-folders of All Mail are still migrated.
^Inbox/ Do not migrate any sub-folders under the Inbox
(^Inbox$|^Inbox/) Do not migrate the Inbox or any sub-folder of Inbox
(^Folder1$|^Folder2$|^Folder3/) Do not migrate Folder1, Folder2 and any sub-folder of Folder3. Note that sub-folders of Folder1 and Folder2 are still migrated.

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