Five Questions To Ask When Selecting a Migration Solution

How scalable is the solution?

Not all solutions are designed to meet the demands of large migrations. If the solution you are looking at has a manual component thousands of mailboxes could amount to hours spent on your project and delay the transition to your new communication system. In your research ask questions about bandwidth, throttling, and concurrent migrations. Each of these factors can drastically effect the timeline of your project.

Using MigrationWiz the speed of your migration is determined by speed allowed by the source and destination server. MigrationWiz will never throttle data transfer and can move hundreds of thousands of mailboxes concurrently with no advanced notice. Working with MigrationWiz gives you access to one of the largest migration farms on the planet.

Has the solution been battle tested?

New products are prone to unforeseen bugs and shortcomings. The longer a product has been tested by various clients and systems the more reliable it will be for your migration project. When you are looking at solutions ask for case studies, testimonials, and examples of how their product has worked for a client that has a similar profile. Ask about what issues arose during the migration and how they were resolved. Doing this due diligence before you migrate could really make the difference between choosing a solution that successfully migrates your data or becoming the test case that helps a new application find bugs and issues that will delay your project and cause frustration during your migration.

MigraitonWiz has been leaders in the field of migration solutions for over five years and has shown the strength of its solution time and time again. Read our case studies to see how MigrationWiz has helped businesses of all sizes, consulting firms, and government agencies make seamless moves to new communication systems.

How is the solution supported? 

How do they provide support? 24×7? Even if you are purchasing white glove professional services you should always inquire about the support offered before, during, and after a migration. Even the best migration plans can see delays issues arise during any stage. How will your questions be answered? By phone? Email? What additional costs associated with contacted the support team? Spending hours on costly support calls can drastically increase your total cost of migration.

MigrationWiz includes 24×7 technical support with the purchase of each license. We also have an extensive knowledgebase that contains the answers to many of the common issues and questions surrounding an email migration project.

What is the true cost of the migration? 

What is the true cost of the migration? With so many different pricing schemes you really have to look at the entire picture and see how much you will be paying for your migration. Some service providers bundle the migration into a larger service agreement. These agreements often come with time commitments and costs to you for terminating a contract, minimum monthly spends and set-up fees. All a the sudden that “free” or $4 dollar mailbox migration is costing you $50 a year in monthly fees with an agreement that could keep you obligated to pay that fee for years to come.

MigrationWiz offers a simple per mailbox pricing scheme. There is no set-up fee, recurring monthly charge, or necessary plan level that needs to be purchased. Simply, one charge for your migration to any supported messaging system that fits the needs of your organization.

How secure is the solution? 

Keeping your data and credentials secure is of the utmost importance during a mailbox migration. It is important to understand what security measures are going to put in place to ensure that your data is safe. If your migration plan contains a manual component your passwords be put into a human readable form and can expose your organization to security breaches.

With MigrationWiz you have different options to supply your credentials during the migration. You can supply each mailbox individually, import a .csv file or use our advanced administrative credential option with supported systems. Every 90 days we purge completed connectors and delete all the mailboxes and credentials that are associated to the migration as an extra security measure for our customers.

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