Faster, Easier Migrations with the New MSPComplete

On April 4, we made history with an exciting announcement about the all-new MSPComplete platform. In our 10-year journey, we’ve introduced a lot of tools to help make you, our partner, more profitable in the cloud. But tools can only do so much.

The new MSPComplete platform is taking migration and managed services delivery to new heights. Whether you’re already building recurring revenue from ongoing services or just beginning your journey to becoming an MSP, a great way to experience the power of the platform is with your favorite MigrationWiz workloads.

Watch our recorded webinar to learn four ways MSPComplete makes migrations faster and easier, so you and your customers can have the world’s best migration experience!


  • Learn why standardization is the secret. Make your most profitable migrations repeatable by detailing the steps required—not just the parts of the process MigrationWiz automates.
  • Perfect your hand-offs. Set everyone up for success with a seamless customer transition. Imagine the confidence your teams will have once you nail the sales-to-delivery process perfectly every time.
  • Deliver with powerful automation. Learn how MSPComplete allows you seamlessly blend MigrationWiz capabilities with your own PowerShell scripts.
  • Communicate with efficiency. With unparalleled visibility into task assignments and project progress, you’ll save hours of time that you’d otherwise spend communicating status updates or reallocating work.

Let’s continue growing together.

We’ve helped you grow from email migrations to multi-workload migrations, adding revenue from moving documents, archives, and more.

We’ve empowered you to deliver 24/7 customer service as a service and wrap an always-on help desk into a managed service offering to build recurring revenue.

Now we are giving you a platform to transform into a Modern MSP with business processes automation to improve profitability across all your services, one-time or ongoing.

From our humble beginnings as a bootstrapped basement startup, we’ve spent the last 10 years becoming the industry leader in email migration. Today, we’re taking it 10 steps further.
— Geeman Yip, CEO of BitTitan, on 4/4

Take the next step with us.

After you’ve seen the webinar, check out our bundled license for migrations. You can move an end user’s mail, documents, and archives, plus configure Outlook remotely—all with a single license. Move multiple workloads over the course of 12 months and save on costs! Leverage advanced MigrationWiz features and deliver mistake-free migrations with MSPComplete.

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