Cost-Effective Mailbox and Document Migration to Office 365

Imagine this — your customer is ready to migrate from Google Apps to Office 365. The whole suite has to be migrated: Google Mail, Calendar, Contacts, and Drive. MigrationWiz is already the perfect one-stop suite to perform these types of migrations, but we’ve added a new option that makes it even better. Now you can perform document migration to Office 365 at an even better cost.

Prior to this point, it didn’t matter if you use Google Mail, Calendar, Contacts, Drive or Vault — your data would be migrated from source to destination without any impact on your local environment, without loss of data, and the ability to immediately use your new platform – in this case, Office 365. This means that OneDrive will be provisioned, documents will be converted between Google native format and Office Online format, etc.

To make it even easier, now with the “Move Everything” bundle, you can seamlessly move mailboxes and documents with every migration project. The bundle is now available at a special low price of $14.99. There’s no minimum license purchase, and you can get the bundle simply by logging in to your MigrationWiz account. (See the screenshot below.)


Document Migration to Office 365

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Jethro Seghers is a Microsoft MVP in Office 365 and frequent speaker at industry events in Europe and the U.S. Jethro is certified in SharePoint and Exchange technology. He loves community and education, but above all, anything Belgian—from beer and chocolates to soccer (or what most of the world logically calls "football").

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