Dealing with Terminated Employees During Migrations

You are migrating your company mailing system into Office 365, and tons of user mailboxes need to be migrated into Exchange Online. But how do you deal with terminated employees and users? Are you going to set up users and pay for an Office 365 license to get their data over as well?

Microsoft’s Office 365 has a lot of options to deal with terminating users when they are already on Office 365.

But what if you’d rather not spend the money in the first place? You just want the data over and that is it.

Let me provide you two options that every migration tool should be able to do.

  • Copy data from a user mailbox on-premise directly in a shared mailbox in Exchange online.
  • Copy data from a user mailbox on-premise directly in a shared/user mailbox sub folder, e.g. Inbox/UserX

If we take a look at MigrationWiz, those options are possible.

  • By defining the source SMTP address of the user and the SMTP address of the shared mailbox on the destination, the data will flow immediately in the shared mailbox without any user mailbox in the middle.
  • By providing a folder mapping option, you can define the destination folder for the inbox. You define in MigrationWiz the source SMTP address of the user, the destination SMTP address of the user or shared mailbox and add folder mapping in advanced options. Read more about folder mapping on the community site here.



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