Appelsiini and BitTitan Migrate Thousands of Mailboxes

​​​​​Appelsiini, an IT consulting firm ​based out of Helsinki, Finland, was facing a daunting challenge. In four weeks, they needed to migrate all 8,600 of their existing Exchange 2007 mail systems to Microsoft Office 365 before three of their biggest customers’ servers were scheduled for a hard shutdown. If the project couldn’t be completed in that time, Appelsiini’s customers would either be forced to renew their service agreement for an additional year, thereby doubling their expenses, or the company’s customers would lose their data entirely.

Due to this specific need, Appelsiini required a flexible, singular migration solution that could support multiple platforms. In addition, the solution needed to:

  • Go beyond migrating the messages themselves, and also migrate contact lists, calendars, and attached documents
  • Be cost-effective to ensure profitability
  • Run smoothly in the background so users experience no downtime
In addressing this challenge, Appelsiini knew they couldn’t rely on a long and tedious manual migration. After conducting thorough market research, Appelsiini ultimately partnered with BitTitan and used​​ MigrationWiz, the premier migration solution to Office 365. Using MigrationWiz, Appelsiini was able to not only move 8,600 mailboxes to Office 365 from three separate mailing systems, but they also completed the task on time, and with zero interruption to end users.
To find out how they did it, read the case study.

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