7 New-to-You Features of MigrationWiz: FAQ

Did you miss our webinar discussing seven lesser-known features of MigrationWiz?

MigrationWiz is the leading cloud-based migration software and our most popular product. With so many users, we were excited to explore even more ways our partners can run powerful and profitable migrations.

The 7 New-to-You Features of MigrationWiz webinar is now one of our most popular and the attendees had great questions whose answers we’re excited to share with you.

Check out the FAQ below for the highlights and discover the rest by watching the recording!


1. Where can I find information on MigrationWiz pricing?

Check out the pricing page on our website to understand general pricing information.

You can also go directly into the shopping cart and build your order. To access the shopping cart you’ll need to have BitTitan account. Registering for a BitTitan account is simple and FREE!

2. What if I work with a distributor? Can I find your tools in my distributor’s marketplace?

Absolutely! BitTitan partners with distributors all over the globe. Work with your distributor of choice to find our tools in their cloud marketplace. Even better, you can use SalesBuilder to find out which licenses you need and have your distributor purchase them for you.

3. Do you offer trial licenses?

You bet! Trial migration functionality is built into MigrationWiz. For the trial, a small sample of data will be pre-filled in the destination mailboxes: up to 10MB or five items per object.

This is important to us and to our partners because a trial migration will help you confirm that you’ve configured the endpoints correctly. This way, you can easily and accurately establish a connection between the source and destination for your paid migrations.

In MigrationWiz, configure a project, add the users, and run a trial migration. Simple!

If you need any help, feel free to get in touch with our experts.

4. What do I need to get started today?

Register for BitTitan account here and become a BitTitan partner! In case you’re wondering, there are no costs or commitments to become a BitTitan partner.

Once registered, you’ll begin a tailored onboarding program to help you with your first successes.

5. Do you offer discounts?

Heck yeah! We offer discounts based on volume. Contact our sales team with details about your project and your new dedicated sales representative will get back to you with answers as soon as possible.

6. Do I need to install anything on my source devices to migrate mailboxes?

Nope! Unless the source is Lotus Notes. In that case, read how to migrate Lotus Notes to Office 365 here. Otherwise, there is no MigrationWiz footprint on the source environment!

7. When should I use HealthCheck for Office 365?

We strongly recommend HealthCheck for Office 365 for every Office 365 cloud migration project.

Why? It will identify migration issues across users’ software and hardware. We believe in solving problems before they’re headaches. This tool is extremely useful for preventing time-consuming migration blockers. Plus, it’s completely free for BitTitan partners!

8. When should I use DeploymentPro?

If you have just finished a migration project, DeploymentPro lets you manage customer desktop configurations directly from your web browser. It’s the other half to MigrationWiz and is most popular for projects that connect to an Exchange or Office 365 environment.

DeploymentPro makes Outlook configuration seamless for your customer and saves you time and money.

9. I missed the webinar. Can I watch the recording?

Definitely! You can access the on-demand webinar, slides, and additional resources here.

Excited to get started on your next migration project?

Learn how MSPComplete makes MigrationWiz even more profitable. Or get started now!

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