5 Ways to Boost CSP Profitability with MSPComplete

If you’re a Microsoft partner who wants to take full advantage of Office 365 and Azure opportunities through the CSP program, have we got a listicle for you! Aww man, another listicle? We promise you great information and helpful resources.

Earlier this year, we released the new MSPComplete, which has more value for partners looking to maximize CSP profitability than ever before. Here are five things you can do to boost your business right away:

1.    Watch our CSP profitability webinar

BitTitan partnered with two cloud experts for our webinars in the U.S. and Asia Melissa Mulholland, Cloud Profitability Lead at Microsoft,  and Sam Restifo, Business Development Lead at Microsoft! You’ll get more actionable tips to increase profitability with the CSP program and MSPComplete than we can cram into this or any listicle!

Check out the on-demand recordings for the US webinar and APAC webinar today!

2.    Perform the greatest Office 365 migration

Did you know that MSPComplete will walk you through using advanced features in MigrationWiz? This helps ensure you deliver smoother, faster, more profitable and mistake-free migrations every time. Set up impersonation, enable detailed audit logging, and more. Also, check out the best way to streamline nboarding users to Office 365 with our User Migration Bundle.

3.    Jumpstart your Azure business

Azure can be intimidating without expertise, but we have some great resources to help you get started. An Azure ROI assessment through MSPComplete and HealthCheck for Azure can help you uncover opportunities in your customer’s current infrastructure, as well as plan a move to Azure. Either way, you’re getting opportunities to build a consultative relationship and offer lifetime value.

4.    Ensure consistent delivery

The MSPComplete platform helps bring your service delivery documentation to life with automated runbooks. Once you’ve perfected your process and every project is delivered consistently with best practices, it’s time to improve profitability! Through the platform’s reporting capabilities, you can calculate, benchmark, and improve upon the profitability of services you offer.

5.    Find additional upsell opportunities

Earlier this year, the MSPComplete platform was awarded Best CSP Tool in the Redmond Channel Partner Editor’s Choice Awards. The article attributed our win in large part to the platform’s ability to help partners “find opportunities to go deeper with their clients via additional Microsoft services.” Upsell recommendations are just one of the types of critical information the platform can surface in personal and customer feeds.

Want to get started boosting your CSP business?

Learn more about how MSPComplete works to help you automate, standardize, and benchmark your services delivery.

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