What’s an Automated Runbook?

What’s an automated runbook, and why do you need it to get organized?

The short answer: it’s how we bring your documentation and intellectual property to life in MSPComplete. Automated runbooks operationalize your best practices and ensure that your services are delivered with consistency—the key to increasing satisfaction for your customers and profitability for your business.

You’ve got systems in place that turn alerts into tickets and tickets into bills; you’ve got a wealth of scripts you can run that help address customer pains with the products and technologies they’re using; but there’s something missing. (Hint: not anymore, thanks to MSPComplete!)

How do you know services are delivered the best way every time?

If your processes are captured in a document for others to follow, you’re ahead of many of the IT service providers we’ve spoken to. Many don’t have their methods written down to begin with, let alone standardized.

Even if you keep your documents updated with your best practices, how do you ensure these documents are actually being followed every time to improve the service delivery?

What happens when an engineer finds a smarter or faster way to solve a problem?

How do multiple team members collaborate on a process quickly and efficiently if the document can’t tell them exactly where their teammate left off and what they need to do next?

Automated runbooks are the answer.

Convert your documentation into action. Turn your processes into step-by-step guidance that surfaces the exact information needed at the right moment. Track every task to ensure your process is being followed and eliminate constant status updates with increased visibility into the every service delivered.

Capture and scale your knowledge, best practices, and intellectual property. Crowdsource best practices and spread hero work across your organization. Runbooks can also be built as templates and then customized for verticals, unique customer needs, or specific scenarios. Grow your intellectual property to increase the value of your business.

Boost employee engagement and growth. Ensure the right person is doing the work that makes sense for their skill level and their workload. Leverage step-by-step guidance to teach new skills to junior resources faster. Empower your best people to focus on the most challenging work. Intelligently assign work to individuals or teams, manage tasks queues, and even load balance work automatically.

Get organized to increase service profitability and customer satisfaction. You can’t measure and improve profitability if you aren’t executing your services with consistency. Standardize your processes to not only understand the true costs of delivering services, but ensure your customers are getting exactly what they paid for. Keep everyone aligned internally and externally, and give customers a smooth hand-off from sales to delivery.

Bring automation into your documentation.

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