8 Steps to Selling Multiple Workloads & Attaching Managed Services

As the head of sales here at BitTitan, I talk to dozens of Partners every week, and almost all of them are trying to figure out how to sell multiple workloads and attach managed services to their Office 365 projects. Google Apps customers are perfect targets because they’ve already demonstrated a willingness to run productivity in the cloud, and most of them are using at least two or more workloads. It helps that Microsoft’s Office 365 functionality have made it a no-brainer for Google Apps customers to make the switch.

I’ve come to love the idea of giving starter kits to our Partners. We take the guesswork out of the sales process and make it easy by providing a business focus and a campaign. That’s what the new Google Compete Starter Kit is about—in this case, for creating revenue through customer engagements focused on converting Google Apps to Office 365.

Our latest kit provides a suite of tools to take you through every step of the engagement with a customer: the sales process, the onboarding process, and ongoing management to keep the relationship strong over time. Let’s take quick look at the steps in the “life” of a customer engagement.

  1. Build an offering. You know exactly what your typical customer needs, so bundle multiple services together to form a complete package. Include a full readiness assessment workshop, multiple workloads beyond email like OneDrive, and ongoing management and 24/7 support. Then add in any vertical-specific or other IP you may have. This will differentiate your version of Office 365 and set you up for success.
  2. Find prospects. If you don’t already have a list of Google Apps customers in your market, take advantage of free Google Apps customer leads in MSPComplete.
  3. Stick to the script. A call script is effective when it is focused on the offering you created in step #1 above (we provide templates to get you started in SalesAutomation). Make sure your sales team sets aside dedicated time to work on the campaign. If you are the sales team, make sure to leverage the Smart Script Technology in SalesAutomation, included for free.
  4. Create the statement of work. Make sure to check for all available Microsoft incentives so you can maximize your profits or pass the savings along to your customer.
  5. Conduct a readiness assessment workshop. If you need help closing the deal, use HealthCheck for Office 365 (it’s free, too!) to show the customer their level of readiness. Even if your deal is closed, running HealthCheck for Office 365 ensures you set solid expectations and your project goes smoothly.
  6. Migrate and onboard. From there you can migrate a customer’s workloads from Google—including Mail, Drive, Vault and Sites—to Office 365 using BitTitan onboarding tools. Then, DeploymentPro automates the creation of profiles, so you can skip the part where you bounce from desktop to desktop. If the migration is scheduled over the course of a few weeks, BitTitan can set up Coexistence so that end users have an easy experience scheduling meetings and viewing colleagues’ free/busy data across users who have and have not yet migrated to Office 365.
  7. Kick off managed services. Once the migration is complete, schedule a kickoff for your monthly managed services, to set the right expectations and keep your customer engaged. Hopefully you’ve already bundled in Concierge to help you add value and maintain a great experience for your customer following the migration. Now is also the right time to submit the materials to receive your Microsoft incentive funds.
  8. Drive higher customer lifetime value (CLV). As you have conversations with your customer, watch closely for opportunities to cross-sell them on additional services they need.

We’ve introduced the Google Compete Starter Kit to support you across all these steps, so you can crank up this “revenue stream in a box.” It’s all about creating great experience for the customer to maximize your success while you’re improving their productivity on Office 365.

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