Video Partner Profile: Simple ID on Concierge

In our latest video partner profile, learn how BitTitan partner Simple ID is transforming their business with Concierge, a 24/7 IT help desk service-as-a-service.

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Migration Stories: SimpleID

We had to look after a global charity. They called Rapid Releasing and I have multiple offices around the globe. Their a charity that look after firemen, policemen, paramedics, and they survive on volunteers that have a full-time day job. So getting ahold of each person that was a difficult thing to do.

We had over 300 mailboxes that needed to be moved up a legacy hot platform that just wasn’t working at all. The users were in different time zones and it was critical that the users were moved individually. So you look at some of the traditional tools and a big bang; “move everyone at a certain time just wasn’t going to cut it”.

We use the migrationWiz tool and that allowed us to individually move users at a time that works for each of the users. What is critical is that we got it right and we did and we got it right across the world – so that was a good success. so it’s stories like that make us choose BitTitan or be loyal to BitTitan and moving forward.

~Aaron Leonard – Simple I.D.