Repairing Migration Errors

As a MigrationWiz user, you decide how many errors a migration can encounter before it is marked as failed. Simply specify the error limit in advanced connector settings (the default value is 100 errors). This means that a migration can succeed overall, but also report that some errors were encountered.… Read more

Folder Exclusions

MigrationWiz allows very rich folder exclusions using the regular expressions syntax. I know that a lot of people are not familiar with this syntax, so I’m going to try and break it down to some simple examples.… Read more

Google Gmail "Web Login Required" or "Invalid Credentials" errors

When migrating or accessing Google Gmail, you may encounter one of the following errors even though your user name and password are correct: 1) Web Login Required or 2) Invalid Credentials.

Like the big black box Google is, they don’t comment on security related problems/features that they implement. In addition, the error codes/messages that they present are not always decipherable. When searching the internet for these errors, you will only read about user experiences and what people have tried.… Read more

MigrationWiz performed the largest Gmail migration in Europe to Microsoft Exchange

Last year, MigrationWiz was the product of choice when Vinci PLC, annual revenue of $1.69 billion, moved from Gmail to Microsoft Exchange. This was the largest Gmail compete in Europe for Microsoft so far and we were on the front lines to make it so.… Read more

Manually Configure Outlook for Exchange Online

NOTE: These steps apply to BPOS.

I could not find any documentation anywhere on how to configure Outlook with Exchange Online. The only way that I discovered was to install the Microsoft Online Services Sign In Application which configured your MAPI profile for you automatically which I found several bugs in that didn’t work for me.

The following are the exact steps for Outlook 2007 on Windows Vista. Any other version of Outlook may vary slightly.… Read more