1,500 Mailbox Migration From Exchange to Exchange for Retail Entertainment Giant

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“MigrationWiz gets top marks from us for both their application and technical support.”

Ryan Walters
Infrastructure Engineer

With over 3,000 stores throughout the Americas, Europe, and Australia, Blockbuster is a leading provider of in-home movie and game entertainment. Open 365 days a year, Blockbuster’s stores attract over 50 million customers annually and is one of the most recognizable entertainment brands in the world.

As a leader in the media entertainment industry, Blockbuster’s offerings have kept pace with the rapid evolution of technology and extend well beyond in-store entertainment.… Read more

Large-Scale GroupWise Migration for Award-Winning School District

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“Efficiently, effectively, and transparently migration 7,000 mailboxes to a new mail system for our educators in a weekend.”

– Mitch Mitchell, Assistant Director of Technology
Plano Independent School District

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Plano Independent School District
Plano Independent School District (PISD) serves the residents of approximately 100 square miles in southwest Collin County with 71 schools in total. In 2010 accountability ratings reported by the Texas Education Agency, Plano ISD rated “Exemplary” on all 25 academic indicators.… Read more

Why Exchange Limits May Be Lower Than You Think

When preparing an Exchange system for migration, you should ensure that message size limits are high enough. Exchange is a complex product different types of message size limits: some for sending emails, some for receiving emails, some for Exchange Web Services, some  for maximum item size, some for maximum attachment size, etc.… Read more

Migrating to Office 365: Pitfalls to Avoid

In case you haven’t heard, the Office 365 administrative portal lets you initiate migrations directly from the web. This is a welcome addition to the Office 365 suite. However, there are a few important pitfalls you should be aware of.

After your migration completes, source mailboxes will be disconnected from Active Directory. This is a significant problem if you need to rollback, want to compare source and destination mailboxes, or intend to perform a multi-pass migration.… Read more

ImapSync vs. MigrationWiz

ImapSync is a command-line tool which can be used to migrate IMAP content between mailboxes. We’ve had a few customers ask us if they could use ImapSync as a cheaper alternative. Here is our answer.

ImapSync wasn’t optimized for speed. For starters, it was written in Perl, a scripting language which by default is interpreted, not compiled. There is plenty of evidence supporting this:… Read more

Migrating From IMAP… Means Migrating What?

Need to migrate from an IMAP system? There are some limitations you should be aware of. First, most IMAP servers have some technical limitations. Second, only emails can be migrated using IMAP. That’s right, contact or calendar items CANNOT be migrated using IMAP because it is an email-only protocol:… Read more

Evaluating the Exchange to Google Apps Migration Tool

In this post, we evaluate the Exchange to Google Apps migration tool from a technical perspective. This tool is made available for free by Google. Unlike MigrationWiz,  this is an on-premise migration tool which must be deployed locally. Its purpose is to assist customers wanting to switch from Exchange to Gmail.… Read more

Exchange 2010 Throttling: Impact On Migrations

Exchange 2010 introduces new client throttling features which can have a direct impact on migration planning. The feature is designed to prevent some clients from consuming excessive server resources. As with cell phone bandwidth usage, usage distribution is often skewed, with a small percentage of users consuming 95% of resources. Unfortunately, as a provider of cloud-based migration, our usage patterns are quite different from what you could expect from a single client responding to emails. After all, our technology is designed to push as much data as possible in the shortest amount of time possible to reduce the impact of migrating data.… Read more

Migrating Mailboxes Without Admin Access

There may be situations where administrative login to mailboxes may be unavailable. This can be a challenge issue if you need to migrate a large number of mailboxes.… Read more

Praise From Cobweb

We were delighted to read the following comment on Cobweb’s blog:

“We use Migrationwiz.com almost exclusively for on-boarding […] to the Cobweb Hosted Exchange service. […] it makes everything a lot simpler and overcomes a number of hurdles traditional on premise or PST migrations will encounter. Our customers have noticed and often comment on how smooth the whole process is.”

In case you’ve never heard of Cobweb, they are (among many other things) a leading hosted Exchange provider in Europe and understand Exchange inside out.… Read more