Migration Bundle and Price Change Coming April 4th

We have an important announcement regarding MigrationWiz and DeploymentPro license pricing!

Beginning April 4th, BitTitan will offer one bundled license per end user to migrate mailboxes, documents, personal archives, configure Outlook with DeploymentPro, and more!

With this new offer, we will no longer offer standalone licenses for these bundled services. We’ll explain more, including why this is going to be amazing for your margins, after you check out this video from Jenn Martin, our VP of Global Sales:

So, what’s included?

  • MigrationWiz Mailbox Migration
  • BitTitan DeploymentPro desktop configuration
  • MigrationWiz Google Vault Extraction
  • Google Long-term Coexistence
  • MigrationWiz Document Migration
  • MigrationWiz Personal Archive Migration

Additional premium services can still be purchased separately, including licenses for public folder migrations, mailbox migrations with stub rehydration, BitTitan Archive Migration Service, Concierge help desk services, HealthCheck for Azure, BitTitan premium support, and others.

As a BitTitan partner, why should I be excited?

Consider this the one bundle to rule them all

For just a little more than a mailbox migration, you’ll save money compared to purchasing these as individual licenses. Not to mention, delivering on even some of these additional workloads will greatly multiply your project revenue!

Your customers have more workloads beyond mailboxes that they want moved to the cloud, and our partners recognize that multi-workload migrations are the quickest way to add profits to a mailbox opportunity.

You can migrate the additional workloads on that end user over the course of 12 months, whether you add those workloads up front or later in the year. Capitalizing on your investment to increase customer lifetime value will be easier than ever.

Wait! I have more questions!

Multi-workload migrations are my jam. Can I get this bundle now?
The bundled SKU won’t be available until 4/4, but our Sales team is happy to quote out your project with multiple workloads and help you reach the best price available.

Speaking of quotes… What if I have a current quote for just mailbox?
We will honor all quotes until they expire—30 days after creation.

What if I only want to buy mailbox licenses?
You can continue to buy standalone mailbox migration licenses until 5/3.

Will volume discounts be available with the new SKU?
Of course! Speak to Sales to learn more about volume discounts.

Can I move an unlimited amount of data with this new SKU?
You can move up to 150 GB of total data per subscribed user per year. If you have a big database that you would like to move, that’s available as an add-on.

Will this be available at distribution?
Yes, the bundled SKU will be available at distribution on 4/4.

What’s this SKU going to cost me?
The bundled SKU is $15 USD.

If you have any other questions, including pricing for volume and Education discounts, please reach out to Sales.

We’re on a mission to make you more profitable.

See how this new bundle and price change ties into our biggest product announcement yet. Visit www.profitabilityautomation.com.