Introducing: All-New MSPComplete Onboarding with Our Director of Partner Happiness

Alexa Smith is serious about keeping BitTitan partners happy, engaged, and connected as we grow with MSPComplete.

That’s why we didn’t just launch a new managed services automation platform on April 4 — we launched an all-new onboarding program for everyone who registers to use MSPComplete.

Meet the hilarious, quirky, and compassionate woman behind it all by watching the video below. Hint: She’s got dance moves. Then, keep reading to learn more about partner onboarding!

Alexa had a difficult challenge this year.

She needed to take something critical to our partners’ success and make an engaging, customizable, and informative experience for everyone who works with us.

In her own words:

The whole idea was to break the platform down into the sum of its parts so that you can learn about it in a way that’s useful and exciting to you.

Partners who sign up for MSPComplete will experience an onboarding tailored to business or technical proficiencies and how to run services for Office 365 or Azure.

On top of three days of learning according to their skills, partners will have access to additional resources for exploring the platform, tips for growing with turnkey services and managed services automation, and support while transitioning to the MSPComplete platform.

Why did we rethink our onboarding program?

We want to create an environment where it’s clear that we care and it’s clear that we want you to have a good time in your job, working with us, and using our products.

We’re helping our partners by living what we preach.

By automating personalized onboarding, Alexa can actively and directly focus on our customers and respond to feedback. With less annoying work, she can focus on what she is passionate about: our partners.

We take partner feedback into account and reapply it into the work that we do. We’ve changed a lot lately but we’re getting more personal. We’re using better processes to focus on you more.

Sign up for MSPComplete to begin your onboarding experience and work with Alexa: Director of Partner Happiness.