Without UserActivation for CSP, You’re Losing Money.

UserActivation is all about delivering onboarding speed and scale for Microsoft Cloud Solution Providers.  You can input your customer’s information and begin onboarding to Office 365 in less than seven minutes. Literally seven minutes – our partners have tested it. User Activation for CSP (UA for CSP) It requires little technical ability, has an intuitive interface allowing anyone to onboard users quickly and easily and its priced right to ensure licensing costs won’t impact your profitability.… Read more

New Distribution Group Migration Flexibility in UserActivation

UserActivation is making it even easier and faster to onboard to Office 365 by giving you more control over your project settings. One of the newest ways we’ve improved that experience is by giving you the ability to edit distribution groups as a part of your project planning. UserActivation has always been able to automatically discover the users, aliases, and distribution groups from your source environment and provide you a way to customize your user list and add/edit aliases before creating them in Office 365.… Read more

Cut Onboarding Timelines to Office 365 by 80 Percent

At BitTitan, we’re on a constant quest to help our partners increase revenue and grow their businesses. In continuing this trend, we’ve developed a way for you to reduce the cost of automating migration and onboarding projects to Office 365. Read more

Easily Migrate from Exchange 2003 to Office 365

With Exchange 2003 no longer being supported as of April 2014, we are seeing an explosion of small businesses making the decision to move to Office 365 and Exchange Online from Exchange 2003. For partners and customers who want to save both time and money by automating the process of migrating to Office 365, UserActivation has proven to be an extremely simple way of completing the job. Now migrating from Exchange 2003 to Office 365 using UserActivation is easier than ever.… Read more

Let Us Find the Best Office 365 Plans for Your Organization!

Each person in your organization does something different, so why would they need the same Office 365 plan?

Odds are your organization can save money by identifying the features of Office 365 that different members of your organization will need, and be paying only for those features.… Read more

Get Powerful Business Insights with Office 365

Business insights with Office 365

Organizations that are using Office 365 can now leverage powerful business insights from their data with Excel. The new function allows customers to search, discover and access data with just a few clicks. With Excel integration business can easily shape and transform the data to create interactive visualization about how their organization shares and collaborates from virtually anywhere on almost any device.… Read more

How it Works: Office 365 Subscription Selection

UserActivation for Office 365 simplifies the selection of which Office 365 SKU is appropriate for each member of an organization by breaking the information down by features.

First, the wizard prompts you to create a set of profiles. This allows you to group similar members of your organization together to expedite the process. For example, If I have a 40 person organization I can group my 23-person sales team into one profile, three execs into another, and the remaining 14-person admin team into a third group and select the features specific to their needs.… Read more

What Can UserActivation for Office 365 Automate?

The beauty of UserActivation lies in the automation. The easy to use wizard can turn the daunting and technical task of on-boarding to Office 365  into data entry. You can leverage this technology to solve a variety of issues. A small business that would like to move to the cloud, but finds the costs prohibitive can conduct its own on-boarding. A consultant can integrate the solution into its on-boarding practices to streamline internal processes and decrease the number of hours its technicians spend inputting data and waiting to move onto the next step.… Read more

Improved Plan Selection & New Project Management Dashboard

BitTitan Engineers published new features and improvements to the UserActivation for Office 365 this week that allow for better visibility into the plan selection process as well as new project management tools on any Microsoft Office 365 activation project.… Read more