16 Simple Steps for MSPs to Create a 24/7 Help Desk

The Value of 24/7 Help Desk

So, you want to provide 24/7 help desk support to your customers?  You’re not alone. Offering help desk for your customers and their end-users allows you to differentiate yourself from other MSPs and therefore win more contracts. It also helps you build deeper relationships with your customers which in turn gives you the opportunity upsell even more services they need. Eliminating emergency calls at 3 am doesn’t hurt either!

As the head of BitTitan’s Customer Success organization (also known as the tech support help desk), I lead the team that provides the always-available support that our customers (who are IT service providers) rely on to ensure they complete all of their projects on time.… Read more

Make Money with Cloud-Focused IT Assessments

Are you generating revenue with IT assessments, or are you still giving them away for free to get your foot in the door? We’ve been hearing that an increasing number of IT service providers are shifting away from treating assessments as loss-leaders and turning them into a source of revenue. Although our Partners’ models vary, here’s a general overview of how they work:

Assessments as a loss leader

You can position your IT assessment as a key step in developing the strategic plan for your customer, and that plan can be treated as a standalone deliverable.… Read more

Tips and Tools to Help Your Software Troubleshooting and Debugging: Part 3 of 3

This post is the final in my three-part series about tools for debugging. Before diving in, be sure to read Part 1 and Part 2.

For today I’m going to discuss two tools: one is very easy to use; the other one is hard to use but extremely powerful.



Let’s start with Fiddler, the easy tool. According to the author of the tool, “Fiddler is a special-purpose proxy server that runs on your Windows, Linux, or Mac computer.Read more

Tips & Tools For Software Troubleshooting and Debugging: Part 2 of 3

This post is the next in my series about Tips & Tools for debugging—read my first post here.

At BitTitan, we log billions events a day, and we migrate millions of users. The scale is massive. By helping investigate and solve code-based performance issues using power tools, we reduce our cloud computing costs significantly. And we increase customer satisfaction by making migrations run faster.

At our scale when problems happen, they can be very difficult to track; that’s why we need great tools.… Read more

File Server to OneDrive for Business Migration

OneDrive for Business is gaining recognition and traction among SMBs and enterprises. In particular, replacing user home drives, commonly stored on on-premises file shares, with OneDrive is becoming a common request to Office 365 system integrators and MSPs. As our partners have started to do more of these projects, some common roadblocks have become apparent:

  • The structure of the File Servers is not in harmony with user names in Office 365.
  • They do not want to migrate the complete File Servers structure.
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The Challenge with Google Vault Migrations

Email and document migrations from Google Apps to other platforms like Office 365 happen every day. Unfortunately for clients, many of those migrations do not include archived data being stored in Google Vault for eDiscovery and compliance requirements. Extracting email data out of Google Vault can be a manual, time-intensive and error-prone process. At BitTitan we’ve found that even the most seasoned email migration professionals often have little to no experience with Google Vault.… Read more

BitTitan System Status Page is Now Live

In order to provide our partners full transparency to the status of all our systems, BitTitan has now released a public BitTitan system status page. From this page, users can quickly see the status of each application, view any existing issues (including service outages and any performance degradation) and see scheduled maintenance. Customers can also subscribe to email alerts.

The page will include the following:… Read more

MigrationWiz Increases Transparency with Enterprise-level Logging

There is a lot more involved in migrations than moving or copying data from one location to another. Involvement depends upon the kind of data you migrate or if you want a lot more information (e.g. what is the new URL of file X, what information was read for the source, which attachments were too big, etc.). In many cases, this information is not only interesting to the customer, but can also be critical to audit reporting.… Read more

Exchange On-prem to Exchange 2013: A More Profitable Move

Any BitTitan partner will tell you how much we enjoy breaking down complex processes into a few simple steps. Chances are if you’re reading this, you’ve already experienced that firsthand. If you need to migrate your on-premise Exchange to Exchange 2013, we’ll not only show you the easiest way, but also save you time, money, and resources while doing it. … Read more

BitTitan Code Ninjas Improve Google Vault Migrations

At BitTitan, we do whatever it takes to make sure you have the freedom to move your data between a large variety of sources and destinations. Sometimes those systems change, however, and it is our job is to adapt.

Recently while working on exporting data from Google Vault, we encountered a number of cases where we had to respond to changes in how the data was exported and presented to us.… Read more