#KickSomeAzure With Assessment Tip #2

Industry estimates for the benefits of Azure can only bring conversations with customers so far.

Last week we focused on starting the Azure conversation. This week, we’re ready to keep the conversation flowing with the second tip in our series about preparing and delivering assessments.

Tip #2: Treat questions about Azure as an opportunity to explain the value of assessments!

With so many different types of concerns, it’s critical to use customer questions to identify which ones an assessment can answer best.Read more

Introducing: Azure Campaign-in-a-Box Part I

Campaign-in-a-BoxWe’ve heard from many BitTitan partners that they struggle with sales and marketing content. Well, we have some good news. We’re giving you FREE tools to run your own Azure marketing campaign and assessment workshops. We’re doing all of this to help you answer one question:

“How do I get my customers interested in an Azure conversation?”

Azure conversations can lead to consumption, which translates to recurring revenue. But finding ways to get the word out while demonstrating expertise can be tough when you’re busy running a business.… Read more

The Perfect Pair: Azure Everywhere and FREE HealthCheck for Azure

healthcheckA big challenge partners face when selling Azure isn’t showing customers its value — it’s demonstrating their unique opportunities and why they matter right now.

Microsoft gives partners funding to run Azure Everywhere workshops where they can show customers how to transition workloads and produce consumption plans for their businesses.

The critical step to a successful Azure Everywhere workshop is giving customers the data they need and explaining what it means for their business.

BitTitan HealthCheck for Azure transforms Azure Everywhere workshops by giving partners the data they need to illustrate true ROI and helping customers who are paralyzed by the unknowns.… Read more

Starting Your IT Support Mission

Help when you need it isn’t a tough sell. But differentiating your business through IT is a challenge since it’s an industry standard.  Despite the easy sell, delivering end user support comes with a lot of challenges and high costs for providers.

Let’s say you want to give your customers in-house IT support from scratch.

To start, you need hiring, management, and infrastructure.

More specifically, you need to:

  • Hire IT support staff
  • Train IT support staff
  • Schedule IT support staff
  • Equip IT support Staff

Sounds doable until you start to do the math on providing support.… Read more

Inbound Marketing for the Modern MSP: Know Thy Sales Funnel

Once again I find myself nodding along to a Todd Hussey article on ModernMSP.com—this time about the buyer’s journey. As Todd dishes out nuggets of sales and marketing wisdom, I can’t help but think how crucial this information is for an industry; That’s reaching a significant turning point in how they conduct their business.

At a high level, the most important takeaways are to understand your audience and learn how to help them understand you.… Read more

The 3 Greatest Challenges Of Upselling In The Cloud

Upselling is a crucial part of driving a successful cloud business, especially if you’re looking to build recurring revenue. As a Microsoft partner, attaching more products and services to existing deals can pay off with great incentives—especially in the cloud. In a recent eBook, The Modern Microsoft Partner Series, Part 1: The Booming Cloud Opportunity, IDC pointed out that their most successful cloud partners attach more value to Microsoft Cloud Solutions—to the tune of $5.87 in partner revenue for every $1 of Microsoft revenue.… Read more

Part 2: Sink, Swim Or Steer The Course Of The Cloud

This is part 2 of a blog series in response to a recent Redmond Channel Partners article. You can read part 1 here!

It’s no secret that just about all MSPs were technologists first—before they started their business. Most MSPs are IT providers at heart whose strength is not in sales and marketing. Even worse, the opportunities from “v1” of the cloud are drying up—not immediately, but we can see that shift happening soon.… Read more

Part 1: Sink, Swim Or Steer The Course Of The Cloud

This is part 1 of a 2-part blog series. Be sure to check back tomorrow for part 2!

A recent Redmond Channel Partners article “Does the Cloud Doom Microsoft MSPs?” discussed overwrought concerns about the business of the cloud—including “doom and gloom” predictions for MSPs who are heading to the cloud. Well, it’s a little overstated, to say the least, though it’s understandable that fears exist.

Despite threatening to cast the shadow of Mordor over MSPs, the article also points out correctly that many MSPs have thriving, robust businesses without making any transition to date.… Read more

Video: Google Coexistence

When you are migrating from Google Apps to Office 365 and you want to share free busy information between people on Google and Office 365, then the Coexistence service of BitTitan is the way to go. It will provide a translation service between Google Calendar and Office 365 calendar information. Check out this video below from Jethro Seghers, to see how it works and what the user experience is.

Video: Selling Multiple Workloads with OneDrive

Multi-workload migrations. They’re a great way to increase your profits on your projects. And you should have that conversation with the customers you are already working with. Why? Because it’s a lot more efficient to increase projects with customers you’re already working with… rather than going out and hunting down more customers who are ready to migrate their email. Besides, everyone has home drives that are ripe for migrating to OneDrive.

Check out this video featuring Jethro Seghers and Suzy McClure discussing how to get started selling and migrating to OneDrive as part of your projects.… Read more